How to Create Pre-Order Products in Magento 2?

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The best way to create pre-order products in Magento is to use an extension that enables you to create & sell pre-orderable products. Magento 2 Pre Order extension by FME is the best featured-rich extension which allows you to create pre-order products in your e-store, so that your customers can order the products that are not yet commercially available.

In this tutorial, we’ll show you the step-by-step procedure to create pre-order products using pre-order extension by FME. First of all, download & install the extension. When you have installed the extension, then follow the below procedure to create a pre-order product.

Create a Pre-Order Product in Magento 2


First of all, set the following configuration options for the extension:

In the admin panel, tap FMEextensions on sidebar >> Configurations >> General Settings

Fill the following configurations according to your requirements:

Enable the Module – Yes/No

Pre-Order Warning Message – Add a warning message to inform customers about the pre-order product

Countdown Timer – Enable to display countdown timer on pre-order product page

Pre-Order Product Configurations


Now click the Product Settings and fill the required fields according to your requirement.

Enable/Disable Pre-Order for all products. In case you want to enable pre-order for selected products then you will have to enable the pre-order option for the desired product in product editor mode.

Set the product availability date

Set the Min/Max quantity a customer can order

Add Pre Order Button text etc.

Update Pre Order Product Price – you can increase/decrease the product price

Cancel Pre Order Settings


Now, scroll down to Cancel Pre Order Settings – here you have the options to allow customers to cancel their pre-orders. Select email templates, pre-order status, etc. according to your requirement.

Countdown Timer Settings


Now in Countdown Timer Settings, you can select & customize the countdown timer according to your theme color combination. Choose from any of the 3 built-in timers and customize according to your theme requirement.

Create Pre-Order Products


Now, when you’re done with the configuration settings, create a new preorder product.

Click Catalog on left sidebar >> Products >> Click Add a new Pre-Order Product

Fill all the required default product fields according to your requirements. Now click the Pre-order tab, and configure the following settings:

Enable Preorder status for this product

Set the product availability date

Set Min/Max quantity allowed in the shopping cart

Add Text for the Pre Order button

Draft a pre-order warning message to inform customers about the pre-order product


Cancel Pre-Order – Option to allow customers to cancel their pre-orders

Set number of days before customers can cancel pre-orders

Price Update Action – you can increase/decrease the Pre-order product price. This extension gives you the option to update product price by a percentage or fixed amount

Note: You can also use the configuration settings for the products by just clicking the Use Config Settings against every field.

Save the Product