Product Pricing

One of the most common challenges an eCommerce business comes across is managing its product pricing. WooCommerce merchants often struggle in pricing their variable products that require different approach of selling. Items such as floor tiles, carpets, curtains and other forms of merchandised based on area and volume demand a sound pricing strategy to earn profits without displeasing the customer.

Similarly, many products are bound by bulk ordering or need incentives such as discounts to effectively sell them online. Without an intelligent pricing strategy, you simply cannot attract customers to buy from your store. with Extendons Product Pricing plugins you need not worry about that.

Whether it is a variable sized product that needs to be priced, or you need to automate discounts for bulk orders on your catalogue, Extendons brings the best pricing solutions to sell your products. All our plugins are coded with tested formulas to bring your store the best pricing functionality and help you accomplish your sales goals as efficiently as possible. With Extendons’s pricing plugins, you not only generate revenues, but become potential cost leaders of your target market.

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