OpenCart Customer Reviews & Testimonials Extension


Main Features

Collect testimonials from your happy customers and display them on your eCommerce website. OpenCart testimonial extension allows you to encourage customers to submit their reviews in a form. Approve their feedback automatically or scrutinize each review one by one. You can post reviews on behalf of customers as well. A dedicated page lists all the testimonials. Allow guest users as well to submit their views and opinion about your store items. Add Meta data for better SEO, select a reviews layout for better usability.

Collect and Display Customers Testimonials on Store

Approve Customers Reviews Manually or Automatically

A dedicated testimonials listing page

Add reviews on behalf of your customers

Permit guest users to write their feedback

Manage Testimonials and add Meta tags

Email notifications upon review submission

Multiple layouts to design testimonials page

Allow Customers to Write Testimonials on Your Store

With OpenCart testimonial extension, you can encourage customers to submit a write-up about their shopping experience, and opinion about the product or service they consumed. They can submit their feedback quickly in an Ajax-powered form.

A Separate Page Shows All the Testimonials

OpenCart review module automatically creates a dedicated page to exhibit all the testimonials that the customers submit. This helps the new users of your store read what your happy customers have to say about your products or services.

Set Testimonial Approval Automatic or Manual

You can approve customer testimonials as soon as they submit them, or set them on-hold to review and approve manually. Keep a check on consumer feedback with manual approvals.

Add Reviews on Behalf of Your Customers

Ease your customers by letting them share their opinion and you add it to the store with their personal details. Let them contribute to the testimonials section without logging to your webshop.

Easy to Manage Customer Reviews

Find all the customers’ reviews in a central dashboard where you can easily view, edit, or delete any of them. Manage the testimonials with more controls.

Add Value to Testimonials by Editing and Modifications

OpenCart reviews extension enables you to exercise your rights in editing any testimonial that is not narrated in a way suitable to your business goals. Edit and modify it to communicate a friendly message to new visitors.

Allow Guest Users to Submit Reviews

Facilitate your customers to submit their valuable feedback without signing up for an account. Allow them to share their thoughts as guest users.

Configure SEO Settings for the Testimonials

Add SEO tags such as Meta title, description, and keywords for each customer review as well as the dedicated testimonials listings page. This ensures the reviews appear in searches against relevant terms.

Use Multiple Layouts to Design Customer Reviews

OpenCart testimonials plugin comes with a variety of layouts to help you customize the display of each customer review. Select an appealing layout for the varying testimonials.

Email Notifications to keep You Update

WooCommerce Google product feed plugin helps you map the categories as well to let the Google understand product category relation so that a store item can display in relevant classification.

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