Opencart Geoip - Block IP Address, Country or Region


Main Features

If you want to detect the IP address of a user who uses your website and if you want to block specific IPs, a particular country or the whole region then OpenCart Geoip extension is what you need to use. This plugin helps people in detecting IPs and not only this, in fact, with it, you can even hide specific products, CMS pages and also some categories just the way you want. The OpenCart plugin allows users to create a whitelist of people who can access their online store and all of its features. It's all on you whether you want to redirect the users to some specific page of their interest or if you want to display some custom message to them.

Block specific CMS pages, categories and even products

Block an entire online store from a user

Block a country, region or a particular IP

Redirect the users to a custom message or some other link/page

Create a whitelist of IP addresses

JOURNAL_3 Compatible

Multiple Ways to Restrict Users

You can create as many rules and as different rules as possible for people from different countries and regions. For example, if for some countries, you want to block specific products or categories, you can do that easily with this fantastic plugin.

Block Specific Country or Whole Region

With OpenCart Geoip plugin, you can block any individual, country or a specific that you want with just the OpenCart Geoip plugin.

Restrict Specific Products and Categories

OpenCart geoip extension enables you to restrict specific products and categories for any country or entire region.

Block CMS Pages and Manufacturers

f for some reason you want to block the manufacturer of the item that you’ve uploaded on your store or if you want to restrict a CMS page, you can do that with the OpenCart plugin.

Option to Block Entire E-commerce Website

You can hide your entire E-commerce website just with the help of this OpenCart Geoip plugin.

Show Custom Message or Redirect Visitors to Any URL

When you block an individual or an entire region, you can then redirect those blocked IPs to a custom message, or you can redirect them to a link of your choice.

Exclude User IPs by adding them to Exception List

If you have loyal customers from blocked country or region then you can add them by their IP addresses to exception list for allowing them to access your online store.

Schedule GEO IP Ban Rules

In case you want to ban a country or a region for a specific time, you can schedule it all with the help of the OpenCart Geoip plugin. You can set a starting and ending rule and then schedule it.

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