OpenCart Mix and Match - Custom Product Boxes


Main Features

If you've got product bundles to send or if you've got gift boxes that you want people to buy, then the OpenCart mix and match plugin is the best option to go for. This plugin allows the customers to fill the boxes by choosing from a number of different items. Not only this dynamic pricing options and fixed prices per product can also be enabled with this plugin. In case you want to offer a product in a fixed bulk quantity or if you want to provide your products in the form of a bundle, you can do that with this plugin. You can even enjoy different layouts to display your product boxes. There's this grid view, and then there's this list view. If you want, you can even customize the colours and the columns to display your boxes just the way you want. There's this option to sell pre-filled product and partially filled ones too.

Allow customers to buy product boxes with the help of mix and match plugin

Per product price or fixed, you can opt for anything with the dynamic pricing options available.

Option to sell partially filled or pre-filled boxes

Attach a gift box or a personal message

Different layout options

Create Multiple Product Boxes on Your Store

With the OpenCart mix and match extension, you can add multiple boxes like sweet boxes and other different product boxes etc. People can come and choose from the list of the products that you have on your site. Once they do that, they can then fill the boxes and purchase the product they want. There are two layouts to choose from, one is the grid view, and the second one is the list view.


List View

List view option displays all the offered products in a list view layout.


Enables Dynamic Pricing Options for Product Boxes

You can sell your product boxes with dynamic pricing options like per product price, fixed price and base price with per product price.


Add Specific Products in a Bundle

If you want to add specific products in a bundle, you can do that with the OpenCart mix and match extension, easily.


Admin can Pre-fill the Box with Specific Products

In case you want to make some product mandatory or optional, you can do that as an admin and pre-fill those boxes with specific products.


Allow Customers to Buy Partially Filled Box

OpenCart mix and match plugin allows your customers to buy partially filled boxes if they don’t want the ones that are filled. To sell a bundle, you can set the minimum number of products one has to buy.


Allow Customers to Send as a Gift with A Personal Message

You can use your products and bundles as a gift with the help of a personal message. This way, people can use that bundle as a gift and send it to their loved ones.


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