Professional Banner Slider


Main Features

Increase user engagements and conversions of your online store by improving the visual appeal with Shopify banner app. The module helps you add unlimited multiple banners to engage customers in attractive deals, offers, promotions, and events. You can personalize the banners with custom dimensions, width, animation type, and slider intervals between multiple images. The eight different animation styles allow adding charming effects to the banner slider. Select between multiple auto-play modes, and copy the code display banners on other CMS or category pages.

Display Multiple Banners on your Store

Add Unlimited Images to Banner Sliders

Try 8 different Animation styles and effects

Responsive and professional banner sliders

Auto-play slider and enable play, pause options

Display Banners on other Pages as well

Add Multiple Banners to Your Store

The Shopify sale banner app helps you add as many banners to your eCommerce website as you need. This helps highlighting product catalog, deals and discount offers, corporate events, new arrivals, and promotions in a captivating slider.

Upload Unlimited Images to Banner Sliders

The plugin facilitates you to upload an unlimited number of images to the banner slider to make the most out of a promotional campaign. Save time in adding images to the slider and start engaging customers.

8 Different Styles and Effects to Utilize

This Shopify banner slider app for Shopify comes with a variety of animation styles and effects. You can choose the one that seems to be more appealing and intriguing for your target users. some of the slider styles are:

Banner Rotator

Banner Slider

Simple Fade Slideshow

Image Gallery

Image Slider

Nearby Image Partial Visible Slider

Image Gallery with Vertical Thumbnail

Banner Slider is 100% Responsive

The Shopify banner app for Shopify displays the images with absolute responsiveness to the varying screen sizes of mobile devices. The users will see the images in a uniform style and design regardless of the device they are using for browsing your online store.

Auto-play Slider Banners with Time Break

You can auto-play the banner slider to show the image as soon as a user visits your online store or delay it by providing a longer interval. Try the following options for settings the banners on auto-play mode:


Stop at Last Slide

Stop on Click

Stop on User Navigation

Display Banners on Other Pages as well

Increase the outreach of your promotional banners by displaying them on other pages of your online store rather than confining it to the home page only. Copy the code and paste it on any other page, and the banners will start displaying on the respective page.

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