WooCommerce Brands Plugin - Shop by Manufacturers


Main Features

Woocommerce brands plugin allows you to create brands and attach products to them, enabling your customers to find products of a specific manufacturer. This plugin offers three widgets for sidebar which are layered navigation, featured brands, and brands thumbnails. Click on demo to learn more. Download WooCommerce Brands Plugin

Includes 3 widgets, layered nav, featured brands and thumbnail widget​

Alphabetical listings, featured brands slider​

Short codes, AJAX based functionality​

Fully customisable​

Create Unlimited Manufacturers

WooCommerce brands plugin allows you to create unlimited brands on your website. You have following options when you create a new brand:

  • Name
  • URL of the manufacturer
  • Choose parent
  • Add description
  • Ability to make featured one
  • Upload thumbnail

Enables 3 Widgets for Brands

WooCommerce brands plugin enables three types of widgets to display brands such as layered navigation, featured brands, and brand thumbnail.

Layered Navigation

Enable layered navigation to allow your customers to find the products of any brands on any page easily. 

Featured Brands

It displays the featured brand’s logo in the sidebar through the widget.

Thumbnail Widget

This widget displays the brand thumbnails in the sidebar.  You can add specific brands in the widget.

Creates the Separate Brand Listing Page

It creates the separate page to display all the brands and customers can find any brand easily. 

A-Z Filter for Manufacturers

With the help of this filter, your customers can quickly find the desired manufacturer and its products.

Separate Landing Page for Each Brand

WooCommerce brands plugin creates the separate page for each brand which displays all the products of the selected manufacturer.

Short Codes

It also creates the short-codes of widgets which you can place on any page to display the brands in a slider. 


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