WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor - Add Custom Checkout Fields


Main Features

WooCommerce checkout field editor plugin allows you collect additional information about an order by customizing checkout page. It allows you to add ten different types of input fields on checkout page such as text area, radio and check boxes, file/image select, multi-select, date & time, password, input and select box. With WooCommerce checkout manager plugin, you can also edit or hide the default WooCommerce checkout fields. Download WooCommerce Checkout Manager Plugin

Supports 9 types of Input/output fields​

Custom fields data is shown in emails, PDFs etc.​

Drag and drop fields.​

Select checkout step and position of fields...​

Get More Information on Checkout Page

You can get more information from customers on checkout by adding extra fields on the checkout page using WooCommerce checkout plugin.

Add 9 Types of Fields on Checkout Page

WooCommerce checkout fields plugin enables 9 types of fields which you can add on the checkout page to ask further details from customers.

Add Fields in Billing Section

WooCommerce checkout manager plugin allows you to add fields in the billing section to ask for extra information from customers about billing details.

Add Extra Fields in Shipment Section

With WooCommerce checkout field editor plugin,  you can ask about additional shipping details from customers by adding fields in shipment section.

Enables Additional Section on Checkout Page

WooCommerce checkout plugin also enables additional section on checkout page which helps you to ask something not related to billing and shipment.

Drag & Drop the Fields

It is easy to use WooCommerce custom checkout fields plugin, just drag and drop the fields to a checkout page.

Manage Default WooCommerce Fields

WooCommerce checkout manager plugin also allows you to edit, hide, and sort the order of default checkout fields. You can also make them mandatory or optional for customers.

Extra Fields are Displayed on Order Detail Page

Admin can see the extra fields on order detail page as well.

Additional Fields are Shown to Customers

WooCommerce checkout field editor plugin also enable customers to  see the additional details in their “My Account” section.

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