WooCommerce Conditional Payment Gateway Per Product, User Role & More


Main Features

Restrict selected payment gateways on your online store. You can set rules to limit the use of a payment method for specific products and categories. Stop the users with specific roles such as customers or contributors from availing payment options. WooCommerce conditional shipping and payment allows you to restrict users by their IP addresses as well. With conditional logic, you can apply payment restrictions on cart items, and shipping or billing addresses. Schedule the payment method restrictions for specific days of the week.

Restrict Payment Methods for specific products, categories

Hide payment options for users by their roles and IP addresses

Set payment limitations on the basis of cart items

Stop showing payment options on specific days

Display payment gateways by shipping, billing addresses

Limit Payment Methods for Specific Products, Categories

Stop users of your online store from selecting a particular payment method for selected products or categories. For example, you can restrict the user from paying for men t-shirts through credit card or hide cash on delivery option for the entire jewelry category.

Hide Payment Methods by User Roles or IP Addresses

WooCommerce conditional payment gateway enables you to hide certain payment methods from users by their roles or IP addresses. For example, you can ban contributors, subscribers, customers, authors, or editors from using a specified payment service.

Utilize Cart Items to Restrict Payment Gateways

You can set conditions of payment restriction on the basis of cart items to manage payments. For instance, you can close a payment method if the cart weight, items, subtotal, or cart total exceeds your defined limit.

Apply payment restriction by billing address

Confine the facility for selecting payment methods by location. Utilize the billing address details of the customers to trigger enclosing a payment option. It can be on zip code, city, state, country, and continent.

Hold Payment options by Shipping Address

WooCommerce conditional shipping and payments plugin allows you to hold back any specific payment option by the shipping address of the customers. You can bar the customers from payments if their zip code, city, state, country, or continent are not allowed to process with that particular payment gateways.

Set Payment Restrictions for Specific Days

You can decide which payment method to hide on specific days. For example, you can restrict bank transfers to weekdays while allowing mobile payments on the weekends.

Apply Restrictions with Coupon codes

With WooCommerce conditional payment gateways limitation, you can apply to restrict users from payment if they use a coupon code, or you can remove the restrictions for users having a coupon.

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