Woocommerce Custom Product Designer for T-Shirt, Cup, Caps, Cards


Main Features

WooCommerce product designer plugin let your customers to customize the products on your e-store. You can allow product designing for various products such as cap, cup, t-shirts, cards, etc. Customers can add text, clip arts, images, shapes, barcodes, etc. to products and proceed to order page. You can set an additional fee for product customization to generate more revenues. Add clip art with categories and also configure the designer such as top heading, width, background color, etc. Download WooCommerce Custom Product Designer Plugin

Allow product customization on your e-store​

Users can design cups, cards, caps, t-shirts etc.​

Customers can add text, images, shapes, clip arts etc.​

Set Product customization fees ​

Add clip arts and create categories for them​

Allow Product Customization for Customers

WooCommerce product designer plugin allows product designing on your e-store. Customers can personalize various products like cups, cards, caps, t-shirts, etc.

Enable Various Product Design Options

You can enable various designing options that include adding text, images, shapes, clip art, etc. The users of your eCommerce website can set the text alignment, font size, bold etc. as well.

Set Product customization fees

You can set an additional fee to charge customers for product customization which helps you to make more profit.

Add Clip Arts to Aid Customers in Designing

You can add the variety of clip arts from the back office and customers can use them for product designing.

Create Categories for the Clip Art

You can create categories to classify the variety of clip art in segments that helps the users in easily finding a series of fun art, signs, and symbols of a similar nature.

Configure Product Designer to Your Accordingly

Carry on the basic configuration settings. It includes personalizing heading, canvas width, background color of the designer, header, and canvas.

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