WooCommerce Facebook Product Feed Plugin


Main Features

Generate Product feed to supplement your Facebook Dynamic ads campaign. You can produce product feed in XML, CSV, TXT, or TSV format. Include product variations as well in the feed. Enable and schedule a cron job to automate the addition of new products to the feed.

Generate Product Feed for Facebook

Add Product Variations to feed

Produce Product Feed in XML, CSV, TXT, or TSV

Enable Cron job to include new products to feed

Configure the frequency of Cron job

Create Product Feed for Facebook Dynamic Ads

Create and submit your online store products feed to Facebook and utilize it for showing dynamic ads. Your Facebook product feed helps you save time in adding all the products to advertisement campaigns rather than creating ads for products one by one.


Generate Feed in a Variety of File Format

The Facebook Feed plugin sets you free to generate the feed in any file format you prefer. You can create product feed in XML, CSV, TXT, or TSV.

Add Product Variations to Facebook Feed

You can also include product variations in the feed, for example, the color, style, size, etc. This helps you display product variety too in the ads.


Employ Cron Job to Update Product Feed

You can enable Cron job to make sure the Facebook feed updates when you add a new product to the store. Schedule the Cron job and it will submit data about the new products on an hourly or daily basis.

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