WooCommerce Flash Sales Pro - Countdown Timer & Banners


Main Features

WooCommerce flash sales pro plugin allows you to offer a discount on products along with a countdown timer to attract customers. You can display captivating discount banners either on the home or product pages of your website. Display a Flash Sales top bar on all the pages of your online store. Apply discounts on specific products or categories and set the time period for flash sales. You can also offer a discount to specific user roles. Select among 3 types of countdown timers such as simple, fancy, and obtrusive. You can set the position of banners and configure them as well. Download WooCommerce Flash Sales Pro Plugin

Create Multiple Flash Sales for Various Events

Attach Specific Products and Categories to Flash Sales

Display Each Flash Sale on a Separate Page

Separate Listing Page to Show All the Flash Sales’ Products

Show Flash Sale Top Bar on Your Online Store

Display Banners and Countdown Timers

Offer Fixed or Percentage Discounts

Restrict Flash Sales Visibility by User Roles

Display Each Flash Sale on a Separate Page

WooCommerce flash sales plugin display each flash sale on a separate page.

Separate Listing Page to Display All Flash Sale Products

WooCommerce flash sales plugin creates a separate listings page to display all the flash sales combined on a single page.

Show Flash Sales Top Bar on Online Store

You can also attract your visitors by displaying flash sales top bar on your online store.

Display Banner and Countdown Timer on Products & Categories

You can display banners and countdown timer for flash sales on product and category pages to catch the eye of customers.

Add Multiple Flash Sales for Various Events

You can add and manage multiple flash sales to allow discounts for various events like Charismas, Black Friday, Halloween etc.

Apply Flash Sales on Specific Product & Categories

You can apply flash sales on specific products and categories as well.

Offer Fixed or Percentage Discount

With WooCommerce flash sales you can apply either a fixed or percentage discount on products and categories.

Set Discounts Based on User Roles

WooCommerce flash sales plugin enables you to provide discount based on user roles such as administrator, author, editor, contributor, subscriber, customer etc.

Enables 3 Types of Countdown Timer

This plugin provides 3 types of countdown timers to display for flash sales such as fancy circle, obtrusive, and simple.

Set Time Period for Flash Sales​

You can provide each flash sale for specific duration by setting start and end date.

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