WooCommerce Product Add-ons - Custom Options Plugin


Main Features

WooCommerce Product Addons plugin allows your customers to personalize your products by additional options with dropdown, radio button and checkboxes. Your customers can select the options according to their preferences and get a personalized product e.g. getting a message embossed on a ring, or specifying the color and size of baby garments. Increase your sales by offering more customized products and charge them for such customizations. Download WooCommerce Product Options Plugin

Create product options and allow customers to personalize items they are looking to buy

Add custom options from a wide variety of fields

Serve your customers in a better way

Additional options are displayed on checkout page

Create Product Options to Earn More

WooCommerce extra product options plugin allows you to create the option to display on a product page. It helps you to generate more revenue by offering additional items.

Enables 12 Types of Fields to Create Product Options

WooCommerce product options plugin enables 12 types of fields to create extra product options. Supported fields are text field, text area, file upload, drop down, radio button, checkbox, date & time, multi-select etc. 

Add Multiple Rules to Create Global Options

You can add multiple rules to create global options which are displayed on all the products. 

Attach Options with Specific Product or Categories

WooCommerce product options plugin allows you to attach the global options with specific products and categories.

Exclude Global Options from Products

WooCommerce product addons plugin also enables you to exclude the product options from any product you want.

Create Product Specific Options

You can also create additional options at the product level by using WooCommerce product options plugin. These options are displayed only on the selected product.

Price per Character Feature for Text Area & Text Field

WooCommerce extra product options plugin allows you to enable price per character feature for text area and text fields to charge customers based on characters they enter.

Choose Custom Images for Radio Buttons

With WooCommerce product addons plugin, you can add custom images to radio buttons. It replaces the product image with customers’ selected radio option.

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