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17 Best Shopify Apps for Clothing Store

17 Best Shopify Apps for Clothing Store Growth

Shopping online for clothes is more than just clicking and buying. It’s about the whole experience. The best Shopify apps for clothing store make sure shoppers have a great time. They help stores boost sales and run smoothly. One big player in this game is Extendons. They’ve made some top-notch apps that help clothing stores be the best they can be.

17 Best Shopify Apps for Clothing Store

Following is a comprehensive list of 17 shopify apps that are going to skyrocket your clothing store in terms of engagement and sales.

Scroll Freely: Infinite Scroll

Scrolling is a big part of shopping online. “Scroll Freely: Infinite Scroll” is one of the best Shopify apps for clothing stores. Say goodbye to the old fashioned pagination approach and enjoy unlimited surfing with Scroll Freely. The best thing is back to top button will take you to the top of the page on the go. Instead of clicking “next page”, shoppers can just keep scrolling. It’s like a never-ending aisle of clothes!

Key Features

Endless Scrolling: No more “next page” clicks. Just scroll and see more products.

Back to Top Button: If you’ve scrolled down a lot, one click takes you back up.

Custom Buttons: Store owners can change how buttons look to match their store’s style.

How it Enhances the Shopping Experience for Clothing Store 

Customers Imagine shopping without getting tired of clicking to the next page. With Infinite Scroll, shopping feels smooth. It’s like walking in a big store where the clothes never end. Shoppers can see more, find more, and enjoy more!

Variator: See Product Variants

When shopping for clothes, we all love choices. “Variator: See Product Variants” lets shoppers see all the options easily. It’s like being in a store and seeing every color and size of a shirt right in front of you.

What You Will Get

Show All Choices: Every color, size, or style of a product is visible.

Direct Add to Cart: Shoppers can pick their favorite variant and add it to their cart straight away.

Custom Look: Store owners can make the “Add to Cart” button match their store’s feel.

Importance of Variant Visibility for Clothing Items 

Choices matter, especially in fashion. When shoppers see all the options, they feel in control. They can find the perfect size or the color that suits them best. It makes shopping fun and easy, and that’s what every clothing store wants!

Pay What You Want – PWYW

Overview Everyone loves a good deal, especially when shopping for clothes. “Pay What You Want – PWYW” is one of the best Shopify apps for clothing stores because it lets shoppers choose their price. It’s like going to a store and paying what feels right for that trendy jacket!

What Makes PYWY Apart

Name Your Price: Shoppers can decide what they’re willing to pay for an item.

Set Price Ranges: Store owners can set a minimum and maximum price to guide shoppers.

Special Buttons: There’s a special “Make an Offer” button, so shoppers know they can name their price.

How Dynamic Pricing Can Benefit Clothing Retailers 

Fashion is personal, and so is the value we place on it. With dynamic pricing, shoppers feel empowered. They get a sense of control and value. For retailers, it can mean more sales. Some shoppers might pay more than expected, while others will buy because they got a deal. It’s a win-win, making shopping more exciting and personal.

Extendons Hide Price App

Sometimes, it’s not about the price tag. The “Extendons Hide Price App” understands this. It lets clothing stores hide prices and instead, invites shoppers to ask for a quote. It’s like walking into a boutique and getting a special price just for you!

Unique Features of Hide Price App

Customized Buttons: Prices and “add to cart” buttons can be hidden for selected items.

Quote Forms: Shoppers can easily ask for a price by filling out a simple form.

Customize Regulations: Store owners can decide which products or collections hide their prices.

The Advantage of Quote-Based Pricing for Bulk Clothing Orders 

Buying in bulk is different. Maybe it’s for a big event or a business. With quote-based pricing, clothing stores can offer special deals for big orders. It feels personal. Shoppers appreciate the special attention, and stores can make better deals. It’s all about building a strong bond with the customer.

Advance Order Quantity Limits

When shopping for clothes, sometimes we want just one shirt, and sometimes we want ten! But stores need to make sure they have enough for everyone. That’s where “Advance Order Quantity Limits” comes in. It helps stores make sure they don’t run out of those popular jeans or tees.

Key Points

Set the Rules: Stores can decide the least and most number of items a shopper can buy.

Special Limits: For some items, stores can set unique rules. Maybe it’s a limited-edition dress!

Friendly Alerts: If shoppers try to buy too many or too few, they get a kind message letting them know.

Managing Inventory for Popular Clothing Items 

Every clothing store has those hit items. The ones everyone wants. With this app, stores can make sure they always have enough. It’s not just about selling; it’s about making sure every shopper leaves happy. And when stores manage their stock well, shoppers keep coming back for more.

Extendons Whatsapp Integration

We all know and love WhatsApp. It’s easy, fast, and friendly. Now, imagine using it to shop for clothes! The “Extendons Whatsapp Integration” is one of the best Shopify apps for clothing stores. It lets shoppers chat, ask questions, and even order, all through WhatsApp.

Significant Features of WhatsApp Integration

Shop on WhatsApp: A special button lets shoppers start their order right from a chat.

Official Touch: Stores can use their official business number, making shoppers feel safe.

Quick Replies: Pre-filled messages help stores reply fast and help shoppers even quicker.

Streamlining Customer Communication for Clothing Queries 

Clothes shopping is personal. Sometimes we have questions. “Is this in blue?” “How does the size run?” With WhatsApp, shoppers can ask and get answers in a snap. It’s like having a store helper right in your phone. For clothing stores, it means happy shoppers who get the help they need, when they need it.

Extendons Quantity Selector

When shopping for clothes, especially in bulk, picking the right quantity can sometimes be a hassle. Enter “Extendons Quantity Selector”. This tool makes selecting quantities as easy as a tap or click, ensuring shoppers get exactly what they want without any fuss.

Unique Features

Friendly Buttons: Replace the old dropdowns with easy-to-use plus and minus buttons.

Custom Limits: Stores can set minimum and maximum quantities, guiding shoppers to make the right choice.

Stylish Designs: The buttons aren’t just functional; they look good, blending seamlessly with any store design.

Enhancing Bulk Purchase Experience for Clothing Items 

Buying in bulk, be it for an event, business, or just stocking up, should be smooth. With the Quantity Selector, shoppers can quickly pick how many of each item they want, making bulk purchases a breeze. For clothing stores, it means more sales and fewer returns, as customers get their orders right the first time.

Free Gifts: BOGO Buy X Get Y

Who doesn’t love a good deal, especially when shopping for clothes? “Free Gifts: BOGO Buy X Get Y” is one of the best Shopify apps for clothing stores that want to reward their shoppers. Buy one, get one? Yes, please! It’s all about making shopping more exciting and rewarding.

What Makes BOGO Unique

Automated  Gifts: When shoppers buy the qualifying items, their free gifts are added to the cart automatically.

Flexible Offers: Whether it’s “Buy 2, Get 1” or “Buy a dress, Get free socks”, stores can set up the deals they want.

Quantity-Based Discounts: Offer special deals like “Buy 3 shirts, get 20% off the 4th”.

Promoting Clothing Sales Through Exciting Offers

Everyone loves feeling like they’ve snagged a deal. With BOGO offers, clothing stores can drive sales, clear out inventory, or introduce customers to new products. It’s a win-win. Shoppers get more for their money, and stores see increased sales and happy customers returning for more.

Extendons Direct Checkout

In the fast-paced world of fashion, no one wants to wait. That’s where “Extendons Direct Checkout” shines. It’s all about getting those trendy clothes into shoppers’ hands faster, skipping the extra steps and heading straight to checkout.

Key Features of Direct Checkout

Quick Buy: With a single click, shoppers can bypass the cart and head straight to purchase.

Customizable Button: Stores can tailor the “Buy Now” button to fit their brand’s look and feel.

Mobile Optimized: Ensures a smooth checkout experience, whether on a phone, tablet, or desktop.

Speeding Up the Purchase Process for Fashion Enthusiasts 

Fashion enthusiasts know what they want, and they want it now. With Direct Checkout, they can snap up the latest styles without delay. For clothing stores, it means higher conversions, fewer abandoned carts, and satisfied customers who appreciate the swift shopping experience.

Extendons Cart Customizer App

Every shopper is unique, and so should be their cart experience. The “Extendons Cart Customizer App” understands this and offers a tailored cart experience, especially for clothing shoppers. It’s not just about adding items to the cart; it’s about making that cart truly yours.

Key Points

Edit On-the-Go: Shoppers can tweak product variants, like color or size, directly from the cart.

Soft Popup: Quick edits without navigating away, ensuring a smooth shopping flow.

Special Instructions: Stores can communicate or gather specific information from shoppers right in the cart.

Personalizing the Cart Experience for Clothing Shoppers 

Clothing is personal. So when shoppers are picking out their next favorite outfit, they want control. With the Cart Customizer, they can adjust sizes, colors, or even leave notes for the store. It’s about giving them the reins, ensuring they feel heard and valued. For clothing stores, it’s a step towards building lasting relationships with their customers.

Extendons Product Tag Images

When shopping for clothes, a picture speaks a thousand words. “Extendons Product Tag Images” takes this to heart, allowing stores to visually represent the unique features of their clothing items. It’s about giving shoppers a clearer, more engaging view of what they’re buying.

Key Features

Visual Tags: Highlight key features of clothing items, like fabric type or care instructions, using images or icons.

Customizable Display: Choose where and how tag images appear, ensuring they fit seamlessly with the store’s design.

Selective Tagging: Apply visual tags to specific products, ensuring relevance and clarity.

Visually Representing Clothing Features 

Clothing is more than just style; it’s about the material, the fit, the care it needs. With Product Tag Images, stores can visually convey these features, giving shoppers a richer understanding of the product. Whether it’s a silk tag on a blouse or a waterproof icon on a jacket, these visual cues enhance the shopping experience, leading to more informed and satisfied customers.

Appigator Mobile App Builder

In today’s mobile-driven world, having a presence on app stores is crucial. “Appigator Mobile App Builder” empowers stores to tap into this mobile market, making it effortless to convert their Shopify store into a fully-functional mobile app.

Unique Features of Appigator Mobile App Builder

One-Click Conversion: Turn your store into a mobile app without any coding expertise.

Push Notifications: Engage users with promotions, offers, and updates directly on their mobile devices.

Customizable Design: Tailor the app’s look and feel to resonate with your brand’s identity.

Reaching Mobile Shoppers of Fashion Products 

Fashion is all about trends, and the trend now is mobile shopping. With Appigator, fashion stores can reach out to the vast mobile audience, offering them a seamless shopping experience right at their fingertips.

Extendons Registration Fields

Understanding your customers is the key to successful marketing. “Extendons Registration Fields” allows stores to gather more insights about their shoppers right from the registration process.

Key Features

Custom Fields: Add personalized fields to the registration form to collect specific information.

Conditional Fields: Display fields based on previous inputs, ensuring relevance.

Data Utilization: Use the gathered data for targeted promotions and campaigns.

Gathering Insights for Targeted Clothing Promotions 

By knowing more about their customers’ preferences, sizes, or shopping habits, clothing stores can craft more effective and personalized promotions. It’s all about delivering the right offer to the right person.

EXT Thank You Page & Surveys

The shopping experience doesn’t end at checkout. “EXT Thank You Page & Surveys” ensures that stores continue to engage with their customers even after a purchase.

Key Points

Custom Thank You Page: Personalize the post-purchase experience with tailored messages and offers.

Feedback Collection: Gather valuable insights through post-purchase surveys.

Social Integration: Encourage customers to connect on social platforms for continued engagement.

Post-Purchase Engagement for Clothing Buyers 

After buying that perfect outfit, customers appreciate a personalized touch. Whether it’s a special offer on matching accessories or a simple thank you note, this engagement strengthens brand loyalty.

Professional Banner Slider

Visual appeal is paramount in the fashion industry. “Professional Banner Slider” ensures that clothing stores showcase their collections in the most captivating manner.

Unique Features

Dynamic Sliders: Create and customize banners to highlight featured collections or offers.

Responsive Design: Ensures the sliders look stunning on all devices, from desktops to mobiles.

Animation Styles: Choose from various animation styles to bring the banners to life.

Showcasing Clothing Collections Effectively 

A captivating banner can be the difference between a passerby and a potential customer. With the Banner Slider, stores can effectively spotlight their latest collections, drawing shoppers into their fashion world.

Extendons Redirect After Login

In the vast world of online shopping, guiding customers directly to what they’re looking for can enhance their shopping experience. “Extendons Redirect After Login” ensures that, upon logging in, customers are immediately taken to pages that matter most to them, or to promotions tailored just for them.

Key Features

Custom Redirects: Set up specific pages to which different users are redirected post-login, ensuring a personalized experience.

Rule-Based Management: Apply rules to redirect users based on their previous shopping behavior, preferences, or tags.

Multiple Redirection Options: Whether it’s the homepage, a new collection, or a special offer, choose where your customers land after they log in.

Guiding Clothing Shoppers to Targeted Pages

Imagine a returning customer logging in and being instantly taken to a new collection of dresses, or a page showcasing discounts on their favorite brand. With Extendons Redirect, clothing stores can make these tailored experiences a reality, ensuring shoppers feel valued and understood.

Quick Product Navigator Slide

Overview In the bustling realm of online fashion, where choices are abundant, guiding shoppers swiftly to their desired clothing items is paramount. The “Quick Product Navigator Slide” app serves as a beacon, ensuring customers effortlessly discover and navigate through the vast collections, enhancing their shopping journey on any Shopify clothing store.

Unique Features

Dynamic Slides: Showcase a curated list of clothing items, making product discovery a breeze.

Customizable Display: Tailor the slides to fit the aesthetic of your store, ensuring a seamless shopping experience.

Targeted Recommendations: Highlight frequently bought together items or new arrivals, nudging customers towards making a purchase.

Enhancing Product Discovery for Clothing Items 

Imagine a shopper landing on a store and being instantly greeted with a slide of the latest summer collection or a carousel of the most trending jeans. With the Quick Product Navigator Slide, clothing stores can elevate the browsing experience, ensuring customers find what they’re looking for, faster and more efficiently.


In the dynamic landscape of online fashion retail, the right tools can make all the difference. The apps we’ve delved into aren’t just digital add-ons; they’re pivotal gears in the machinery of a successful online clothing store. From enhancing product discovery with the “Quick Product Navigator Slide” to tailoring the shopping journey with “Extendons Redirect After Login”, each app plays a crucial role in refining the customer experience.

The importance of these “best Shopify apps for clothing store” cannot be overstated. They not only streamline operations for store owners but also craft a personalized, seamless, and memorable shopping journey for every customer. As the digital age progresses, ensuring your clothing store is equipped with these tools isn’t just a strategy; it’s a necessity for growth and customer retention.

17 Best Shopify Apps for Clothing Store Growth