Terms and Conditions

Kindly read the terms and conditions carefully before proceeding with the purchase of a software product or availing of any service from Extendons.com

By accessing and using our service or software products, you agree to accept the terms and conditions listed in this agreement.


Extendons is the official copyright holder of the extensions, plugins, and software tools it exhibits and sells on this website. The eCommerce development products and their parts are protected by copyright law that restricts you from using the code whether a part of it or as a whole. It remains the intellectual property of Extendons.


The license authorizes you to use the software product for one eCommerce website or the multiple stores you own and operate as you communicate and agreed upon. Using it on more than the authorized number of websites may turn the license agreement as invalid.


We keep on updating our software products to ensure our clients avail the best of features, functionality, and security. In line with our selfless software production, we offer free upgrades for the products you purchase. Updates are limited to the product version branch e.g. if you purchase a product version 1.x, you will keep on getting updates for version 1 i.e. 1.x, 1.x.x, etc.

Available software updates are notified to clients through their email addresses so that they can log in to the client area and download the updates.

Email Address

Please ensure to provide accurate and active email addresses as it helps in fast and reliable communication. Try to use company associated email address that is dealt with by the focal person so that no email message is ignored. Email addresses created on free portals are good for registration and checkout; however, such email addresses take more time to activate when placing orders.


Upon payment acceptance and verification, the software product is instantly available for download. If you are unable to download it, you need to refer to the payment options and review the payment status. You can contact if the payment is verified but facing issues with download.

We reserve the right to reject support and/or customization for some kind of websites that are related to the following fields; Adult Toys, Sex, Alcohol, and any illegal drug.