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Best Slider And Carousel Plugins in 2022

Want to display products or offers in engaging sliders on your website or eCommerce store? If yes, there are many plugins online which will help you engage visitors with the help of sliders and carousels. By adding a carousel plugin to your custom web application development, you can show offers and display products that will attract customers.

Finding the best plugin for your website is a time taking and difficult task. This article will guide and help you to choose one of the best product gallery slider for WooCommerce and your WordPress website.

Here are some of the best plugins to improve your website’s overall look and engage visitors.


Soliloquy is one of the most reliable and powerful carousel plugins for WordPress in the market. It offers a range of unique features including drag-and-drop functionality. It is easy to use since it follows WordPress coding guidelines and integrates with your native WordPress admin interface. 

The Soliloquy user interface makes it easy to create slides using the default WordPress media upload feature. It has a responsive, mobile-friendly design including image thumbnails. With product gallery slider for WooCommerce such as Soliloquy enables you to create stunning product slideshows. You can embed videos directly from Vimeo and YouTube, and it is compatible with WPML.

WooCommerce Product Slider & Carousel Plugin

The WooCommerce gallery slider plugin enhances your customer’s experience by allowing you to create an unlimited slider for your product’s images.  It enables you to add captivating product carousels anywhere on your website with the help of shortcodes. Displaying images in the sliders help your get more engagement and attract customers, which will result in a higher conversion rate. 

Moreover, you can also add filter products to a slider where you can create custom slider settings, layout & theme as per your preferences with help of a product gallery slider for WooCommerce. You can also customize the slider elements such as price, add to cart, and navigation buttons. WooCommerce product carousel slider plugin empowers you to set time intervals, pagination speed, and much more. It is fully responsive and compatible with WPML.


A popular feature of MetaSlider is its ability to use images directly from your WordPress media library to build beautiful sliders. This WooCommerce gallery slider allows you to preview slides before they go live on your website, allowing you to fine-tune your design to fit your exact needs. 

Aside from optimization for search engines, MetaSlider features an impressive UX and coder-friendly access. You can create images and slides of any type, including captions and alt text for search engine optimization. It is responsive in design and adapt to multiple screen sizes. You can include any type of content in the sliders without effecting the speed of the website. 

Slider Revolution

There is no doubt that Slider Revolution is one of the most widely used slider plugins. This plugin is responsive and requires no coding knowledge like the others above.  It has multiple features such as a beautiful visual editor that incorporates drag-and-drop editing and text management. 

You can use the plugin to add incredible visual elements and effects to your sliders that will make your static website turned into a visually grabbing website. It has over 200 templates and multiple add-ons integrated into the plugin. This plugin has a variety of options that gives you complete freedom with zero technical knowledge needed to display your creative ideas in an engaging way.

Smart Slider

Smart Slider is an intuitive and easy-to-use WordPress gallery slider plugin that lets you create multilayer slides.  There are several pre-made templates included and as well as a drag-and-drop editor. This plugin has over 180 templates with different industry and design categories, and you can customize and save them at any time. 

This image carousel plugin empowers you to create anything from one simple image to a complex slider with just a few clicks. It allows you to embed videos from YouTube and Vimeo which can be included in responsive sliders. Additionally, you can create custom fonts, styles, and navigation as per your choice and create a more user-friendly design

Kreatura Slider Plugin

Amongst the most popular WordPress WooCommerce gallery slider plugins on the market, Kreatura Slider Plugin is one of the best. It is an all-in-one slider builder that helps you make beautiful sliders with multiple layout editing tools and a sleek design that doesn’t require coding. It has an intuitive, drag-and-drop visual builder with powerful layers and elements management tools. In case you are still using an older version of WordPress, you will be able to use this plugin. 

Using Kreatura, you’ll find an easy-to-use interface that revolves around sliders and minimizes the number of tools cluttering the dashboard. The text and images can be customized, and you can go back in history to adjust any elements that don’t look right.  It features a large library of special effects and hero scenes to enhance the design process, but the true power lies in its add-ons.


The RoyalSlider plugin is an exceptionally fast and search engine-friendly WordPress gallery slider plugin. You can create custom slideshows with images, videos, and HTML content in slides using this plugin, which is mobile-friendly and fully customizable. With this plugin, you are not going to notice any performance or speed issues once it has been installed. 

It allows you to create video galleries using YouTube or Vimeo videos. Adding multiple sliders to a page is possible with the lazy loading feature, which ensures that your website will never load slowly. This plugin also supports video galleries and allows images to be populated from multiple sources. A photo gallery can have vertical thumbnails or horizontal thumbnails, lazy loading, or fullscreen.


A wide variety of WordPress and WooCommerce gallery slider plugins from some top developers are included in our list. Choosing the best requires time and requires knowledge to make sure that the plugin’s functionality aligns with your site’s needs and goals before making your choice.

With help of one of these feature-rich plugins enables you to incorporate an attractive media display that is simple to customize to match the design of your website. However, the plugin you choose to use will entirely depend on you because it truly comes down to your budget, requirements, and features.

Best Slider And Carousel Plugins in 2022