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Best WordPress Request a Quote Plugins 2022

Are you wondering why you should use WordPress to request a quote plugin? It is used to engage users in price inquiries, acquire leads and maximize sales, adopt dynamic pricing strategy, and for various other goals. 

If you are selling online, having a price tag on your product or service may not be enough to reach out to customers. In such a situation, you may benefit from a quote system.

Purchasing products physically allows us to negotiate, but buying products online does not allow us to negotiate. You can offer your customers a quote request form through which they can negotiate products and prices with you. Customers can request a quote by submitting the information they need to calculate the price using a request for a quote form. By providing these quotes to your customers, you can provide them with a realistic picture of what your product or service will cost.

Creating a bridge between shop owners and customers enhances the chance of establishing a good business relationship. The more interaction there is, the more probable it is that a good sale will happen.

We will cover the best WordPress ‘request a quote’ plugins in this article that you can use to make more sales.

YITH Request a Quote for WooCommerce

The Yith WooCommerce Request a Quote tool has been specifically designed to allow customers and suppliers to communicate, going beyond the traditional e-commerce platforms that only allow you to quote one product at a time. Communication and discussion with potential customers might be solved by simply using a quote request form. With Yith Request a Quote for WooCommerce, you can add a button that will allow you to add a quote to your product details. Your customer fills out a form and submits a request for a custom quote. Additionally, you can hide the “Add to cart” buttons for customers to get in touch with suppliers. This allows you to hide wholesale or retailer prices and provide them with competitive custom prices.


  • Customize the Add to Quote” button
  • Admin receives an email notification when new quote requests are received
  • All product pages have an “Add to Quote” button
  • Display all product prices or hide them
  • Make the quote available in My Account as well as an email attachment

WooCommerce Request a Quote Plugin

WooCommerce Request a Quote plugin lets the customers fill out the simple quote form by adding and customizing the ‘Add to Quote’ button. A price estimate can be requested directly on the product page or shop page by the customers. Through the contact us page, customers can contact the support team directly without sending an email. Additionally, you can configure auto-email responses and a success message on request submission. Each quote needs to be handled individually to ensure that each customer becomes a client. It is possible to request product costs both for registered users and visitors.


  • Enable the Request a Quote button on a shop or Product pages
  • Guests can also submit quotes
  • Shop & Product pages have a Request a Quote button
  • Responses to quote requests automatically
  • Customize the message and button

Formidable Forms 

The formidable is a form builder plugin that comes with a variety of powerful features that you will find useful. There are various instant quote WordPress plugins available, but a form builder can do the same thing. A request for a quote plugin relies on web forms for everything. You can set up your contact forms and your quote request forms in the same place if you use a form builder instead of a quote request plugin. Formidable Forms also works as a full-featured WordPress calculator plugin if you need instant quotes with calculations. This tool can be used for creating quizzes on WordPress sites. You can also customize the form using Formidable Forms’ visual design tools. Furthermore, you can create invoices for customers from quotes easily with Formidable excellent form to PDF add-on.


  • Add a quote to the booking form
  • Assessing users’ browser histories for prior pages visited
  • Easy drag-and-drop functionality
  • Secure payment processing with Stripe, PayPal, etc.

Request A Quote for WooCommerce

You can add products to the quote basket like a shopping cart with Request a Quote for WooCommerce. To create custom quotations, WooCommerce created this plugin. If the customer submits a quote request on your website, you can redirect them to a specific page. When using this plugin, you can add products to your quote basket just like you would place an order in a shopping cart.  Additionally, this plugin is suitable for retail and wholesale purposes. You can also customize the message displayed above the quote submission button. You can use Request a Quote for WooCommerce if you have customized products that might vary in price based on customer demand.


  • Feature “Add to Quote” on selected products
  • Guest and selected role users can see the quote button
  • Easily convert accepted quotes into orders that can be paid for
  • Upload files as well as multiple field types
  • It is compatible with plugins like Elementor and Divi for page builders

Sliced Invoices

In just a few clicks, you can create professional quotes and invoices from WooCommerce orders using this plugin. It includes links for online payment in quotations and invoices so that customers can pay more easily. Additionally, the plugin comes with three invoice and quote templates so you can get started as soon as possible. Due to its robustness, it can automatically remind clients to make payments. There are also a few free and paid extensions available for Sliced Invoices. Even though it does not integrate with WooCommerce, it is an excellent choice for tradespeople, freelancers, or other businesses that offer services.


  • Mail quotes and invoices
  • PDF format is preferred for quotes & invoices
  • Easily customize invoices and quotes
  • Payments can be accepted through PayPal.
  • There are several extensions available, both paid and free

The WISDM Product Enquiry Pro Plugin

The WISDM Product Enquiry Pro plugin for WooCommerce fills the gap between sellers and customers with its Request a Quote function. Customers can request quotes from inside their WordPress dashboard for multiple items or variants of one item and generate an automated quote. You can instantly create quotations from your WooCommerce dashboard when customers send you quotation requests. Quotes can also be accepted or rejected. A key feature of this plugin is the drag and drop form builder, which allows you to create a unique quotation form that best suits your business. The plugin is highly regarded as one of the most popular for automating the process of selling large items.


  • Directly respond to quotation requests with WooCommerce dashboard
  • Rapidly convert uncertain customers into sales
  • Quotation request email notification
  • Gather product inquiries, both simple and variant
  • Add a “Request a quote” or “Inquiry” button

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, this article helped you learn about the best WordPress plugins for requesting quotes. Whether you’re on a budget or looking for a quote request feature, Request a Quote is a great option because of its simplicity and free price tag. Thank you for reading this article and we hope you found it helpful.

Best WordPress Request a Quote Plugins 2022