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Best WordPress Translation Plugins For A Multilingual Site (2022)

Are you looking for an easy way to translate your website into another language? Your website can be multilingual with the help of WordPress translation plugins.

WordPress does not offer a built-in translation option but several plugins can easily translate your site. There are many languages spoken across the globe. One can reach a worldwide audience with the help of a multilingual plugin. It’s a good move for marketing as it allows us to reach out to a broad audience, resulting in more conversions. Your chances of generating leads, members, visitors, and customers increase when you communicate with your target market in their language.

Plugins are an easy way to make your website multilingual. Some plugins will automatically translate your website content. Or you are required to rewrite each page in the language you want, and then visitors switch between them.

WordPress multilingual plugins are discussed in this article. Once you have reviewed its features and pricing, you can choose the one that best meets your needs.


The WPML plugin for WordPress is among the oldest translation solutions available. It allows you to translate posts, pages, and custom post types. You don’t have to patch your themes or plugins to install WPML because most of the major WordPress themes and plugins are compatible with WPML. In addition, you can translate web copy created using drag-and-drop page builders. 

There is a wide range of WordPress themes and plugins that are compatible with WPML such as the WooCommerce registration form plugin, WooCommerce product options plugin, and WooCommerce checkout field editor plugin. WPML’s SEO features are great because it gives you full control over translated URLs, meta information, themes, plugins, and page meta. There are three types of multilingual licenses: the Multilingual Blog, CMS, and Agency license. Each license costs $39,$99, and $199/year respectively.


  • Support over 40 languages
  • You can customize how URLs look.
  • Security and stability are top priorities for WPML.
  • Translations can be marked up with SEO meta information.
  • WPML runs every theme and plugin that uses WordPress API.


Ploylang is the most popular best language plugin for WordPress with over 700,000 active users because it is free and offers many features. With  Polylang, the WordPress language pack is automatically downloaded and updated to enable you to use as many languages as you want.  It lets you switch between languages via the nav menu, and you can separate language versions onto different subdomains.

You can select the language name from your screen and add the appropriate country flag to start translating posts and pages.  Pages and posts can be translated in whole or in part. Once you have chosen the language and added the appropriate country flag to your screen, you can translate any post or page you like. All the necessary features are included in the free version for creating a multilingual WordPress website.


  • Category, tag, and other goals are automatically copied when translating posts or pages.
  • You can either use language codes in the URL or different subdomains or domains for each language.
  • An easily customizable language switcher.
  • The translation of widgets and menus.
  • Improved Block Editor integration.

You can download the free basic version of Polylang.

Google Language Translator

The Google Language Translator plugin is one of the best WordPress translation plugins that makes it incredibly easy to create multilingual websites. Google Translate can be directly embedded into your website. Visitors have the option of switching between languages using the plugin.

In addition to the free package, there is a floating language selector and Google top frame hiding. Users will be able to choose their preferred language by using the translation widget on your main website. The premium plan costs $7.99/month and is always available if you need even more features.


  • It can translate Themes, plugins, pages, publications, categories, and keyword tags.
  • Translate automatically with Google
  • Flags appear in the menu next to the language bar
  • Integrated with Google Analytics
  • Instantly translate the site
  • Compatible with WooCommerce sites 
  • Machine translation with human-level accuracy


Weglot is one of the best translation services that integrates with many eCommerce platforms to provide online translation. This application detects any content on your website and translates it into one of 60 languages using an intuitive API. Many platforms are used to generate translations, including Microsoft, Yandex, DeepL, and Google. 

As the selected language remains throughout the entire website, users enjoy the same experience on translated pages. Language buttons can be re-positioned and re-arranged by site administrators. You will see your translated pages on SERPs faster because this plugin follows all the best SEO practices for multilingual sites. You can try out the plugin for free for one language and 2,000 words. The price starts from $15.


  • A seamless integration
  • Best practices for multilingual SEO
  • A wide variety of languages are available
  • Powerful translation management tools.
  • A dashboard that makes translation management intuitive
  • WordPress plugins and themes compatible


GTranslate uses Google Translate to automatically translate the content of the website. As a result, almost 99% of internet users can access your website. Your website is automatically translated into 103 languages using GTranslate. You can display the languages in 10 different ways, including drop-down menus, flags, text, etc. Your website can easily incorporate the widget into any sidebar.

You can increase the international reach of your website with the premium version of this plugin that pays a lot of attention to SEO. Translations can be edited manually and indexed by search engines using GTranslate Pro. The URL structure of subdirectories and subdomains can also be configured using the premium version. The price starts from $9.99/month.


  • A floating language picker
  • Dropdowns are available in several styles
  • A menu with a language bar and flags
  • Providing translations for WooCommerce shops
  • URLs optimized for search engines (SEF)
  • Search engine indexing – Multilingual SEO


Lingotek is a free multilingual WordPress plugin that makes creating and managing multilingual websites easy. A commercial API for Microsoft Translator is included that allows you to automatically translate your website. Cloud-based translation and localization for WordPress websites are simple and convenient with this plugin.  There are three types of translation services offered by Lingotek in combination with Polylang. In the first case, you can get a free machine translation for up to 100,000 characters.  A second option is community translation, in which the content can be translated using the Lingotek text editor. Thirdly, Lingotek offers professional translation services by utilizing professional translators.


  • Scripts written in RTL are supported.
  • There is no limit to the number of languages you can use
  • A faster translation process
  • A real-time monitoring system
  • Translate without copying and pasting
  • An interactive customizable language switcher

Final Thoughts

Your website can be translated into multiple languages with the help of numerous WordPress translation plugins. It will enable you to connect with visitors from different parts of the world. These plugins will help you increase store conversion and purchases.

With just a few clicks you can save your precious time by just installing any of the above plugins.

Your site reaches a wider audience through localization, improves search engine rankings, and stands out from competitors. Although, choosing the best plugins is entirely up to your needs and budget. Hopefully, this article has helped you find the best multilingual plugin for WordPress.

Best WordPress Translation Plugins For A Multilingual Site (2022)