Minimum Order Quantity: Tips for Small Businesses

minimum order quantity guidelines

What is the Purpose of a Minimum Order Quantity? Imagine you’re at a local farmer’s market. You see a stall selling apples, but there’s a catch – you can’t buy just one apple; you have to buy a basket. This concept, in the world of business, is known as the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ). It’s […]

How To Increase Shopify Sales

How to Increase Shopify Sales

19 Proven Strategies For How to Increase Sales on Your Shopify Store  Got traffic but no sales on Shopify? Here’s why Sometimes it feels like you’ve done everything right, but the sales just aren’t flowing. It’s not uncommon for Shopify store owners to experience this. The traffic is there, but conversions aren’t. Increase Shopify sales […]

What is Pay What You Want Pricing Model

pay what you want pricing model

Imagine walking into a store, picking up an item, and instead of a fixed price tag, there’s a question “What’s this worth to you?”  The Pay What You Want (PWYW) pricing model does precisely that. It’s a unique approach where businesses let customers decide to make an offer they’re willing to pay for a product […]

15 Best Ecommerce Marketplace Platforms for Brands and Sellers

15 best ecommerce marketplace platforms thumbnail

Hey there, seller! Are you confused with the vast variety of ecommerce platforms popping up everywhere? Trust me, you’re not alone. It’s like being in this giant virtual shopping mall and asking yourself, “Which store can I place myself in?”. But don’t worry! We’ve got your back. In this guide, we will break down some […]

Shopify Show Variants in Collection: The Ultimate Guide to Boosting Product Visibility

Shopify Show Variants in Collection

Did you know that a whopping 73% of online shoppers emphasize the importance of seeing product variants directly while browsing collections? With Shopify show variants in collection, you offer a crucial enhancement that shoppers love. It’s time to discover how to display Shopify variants as products in your online store, boosting user experience and conversions. […]

Infinite Scroll Maximize Customer Retention with Seamless Browsing

infinite scroll

Unable to retain customers in your store? Or are you facing a decrease in your sales? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. The most common problem that Shopify owners face in their online stores is customer retention due to multiple products being displayed on separate pages. As a result, the attention span of the customers […]

Sell Digital Products on Shopify with a Powerful Platform & Maximize Your Earning!

Sell digital products on Shopify

Shopify Digital Downloads Lets start how to sell shopify digital downloads In today’s digital age, selling digital products online has become a lucrative avenue for creative entrepreneurs to showcase their skills and make more money. There are various options when it comes to digital products. It could be education like eBooks, entertainment like music, or […]

WooCommerce vs Shopify vs Magento: Comparison

To build a solid business foundation, many businesses consider choosing the best eCommerce platform. You face a huge challenge when it comes to deciding which e-commerce platform to use, especially if you want to be budget-friendly, have great support, and scale easily. It is very essential to start with the right eCommerce platform otherwise the […]

4 Effective Ways to Protect Your WordPress Website Content

As a WordPress business owner, you should get as many views and impressions as possible for some types of content. It could be marketing campaigns, advertisements, social media posts, press releases, and so on. However, some types of content require strong protection and control that you should allow certain authorized visitors to view. Take, for […]

How to Add Custom Fields in Registration form in WooCommerce


The registration form of any eCommerce store is important part, which is used to collect the data of customers. The registration form usually contains the default fields, whereas you may want certain fields relevant to your business. In such a case, you need to modify the registration page with custom fields. To personalize the registration […]

How to Allow Backorders in Magento 2

A backorder means an order for a product that is temporarily out of stock. In the E-commerce field, backorders are important to merchants as they don’t want to stop their customers from ordering products of their interest even if they are not available for the time being. E-commerce platforms provide options to configure backorders. In […]

How to Add Custom Product Options in WooCommerce

Customers often want to do multiple purchases of similar items from a single store rather than order from different stores. If often happens that when a customer spend his valuable time on a store, he or she may more likely want to shop other relevant items from the similar store. For example, if a customer […]

How to Add Custom Field to Registration Form in Magneto 2

Since the default Magento user registration form comes with predefined fields, for many merchants it does not fulfill the different requirements of their online stores. In this article, we will show you how to add custom fields to Magento 2 registration form using the Custom Registration Fields extension. You can collect any type of information […]

How to Accept Bookings & Reservations in WooCommerce

WordPress was essentially intended for making blogging sites and with the advanced tools and developments, it become one of the preferred platforms for making eCommerce websites. With modules like WooCommerce, you are able to create a rich online business website with unparalleled features. If you need to make your hotel websites with web-based booking and […]