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How to Add Custom Field to Registration Form in Magneto 2

Since the default Magento user registration form comes with predefined fields, for many merchants it does not fulfill the different requirements of their online stores. In this article, we will show you how to add custom fields to Magento 2 registration form using the Custom Registration Fields extension.

You can collect any type of information from customers using 13 different types of fields. With extra information, you can know your clients better from the moment of registration. You can analyze customer data and use it to deliver a more consistent shopping experience and improve your products and marketing strategies.

Add Custom Field to Registration Form in Magento 2

In order to add new custom fields to the user registration form, follow these steps:

First of all, download & install Magento 2 Custom Registration Form Fields extension by FME.

Now, Login to Admin Panel and navigate to FME Extensions> Click Additional Custom Registration Fields

Click on Add New Attribute

In Properties Tab, fill all the required information.

Default Label – Set the Field Label

Catalog Input Type for Store Owner – Select Custom Field Type

Select from 13 available custom field types to add to your registration form

  • Text Field
  • Text Area
  • Text Editor
  • Date
  • Drop Down
  • Multiple Select
  • Yes/No option
  • Radio
  • Multiple Checkboxes
  • File upload
  • Image upload
  • Audio Upload
  • Video Upload

Values Required – Make Field optional or mandatory

Attribute Code – Add a unique attribute code

Default Value–You have the option to set a default value for each custom field.

Input Validations – To collect data in the correct format, you can set custom fields input validation types like email, URL, etc.

Show in Email – Show custom fields data in invoice emails

Store Views – Restrict custom fields to specific store views

Customer Groups – Restrict certain custom fields to specific customer groups like wholesalers, traders, etc.

Now Open the Manage Labels Tab

You can set different labels for different store views

Now Click StoreFront Properties Tab,

Enabled – Enable/Disable the custom field

Shown On – Display the custom field on the registration form, user account section, or show it in both

Position – Set the position of the field in the registration form

Notice/Comments – Enter additional information for the custom field

Hide Field – You can hide a specific custom registration field, once the customer has entered/selected the values.

Editable by Customers – Allow customers to edit the entered data

Now Click Dependable Properties Tab:

This extension also enables you to create dependable fields. For this, you need to display the dependable fields in the proper hierarchy and display the dependable field next to the parent field in order to avoid any visual issues.

You can choose any of the following custom registration fields that will be a parent:

  • Multiple Select
  • Dropdown
  • Multiple Checkboxes
  • Radio button

Save & Publish

The field shall be visible on frontend.

Additional Custom Fields on Registration Form:

Conditional Fields on User Registration Form:

Additional Fields in Customer Account Section:

How to Add Custom Field to Registration Form in Magneto 2