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How to Customize Users’ My Account Page in WooCommerce

Sometimes it is very hard for store owners to provide important information to their customers. Store owners may want to promote their new products and tell their registered customers that the most demanded products is now available in store. There are many ways to provide information such as they can email to all customers, but some of them may not see that email.

The best way is that when they login to your e-store, highlight the information right on their account page, so they can easily get that info with related links as well. For this purpose, store owners have to customize the user accounts which is not easy in WooCommerce. They can use the WooCommerce my account page plugin which is the best available product available in the market.

The key of this extension here is to have the option to make specific information effectively available to the client. It might be the details of your site or exceptional guidelines that you can explain effectively. Whatever the case, this extension makes this so simple and easy.

WooCommerce My Account Page Plugin is equipped with all rich features that will surely add this attractive functionality to your website with a quick install. For complete installation assistance, please follow through the step-by-step tutorial.

Step 1: Download the WooCommerce Customize My Account Page Plugin and install it on your eCommerce site from back office.

Step 2: Open the plugins menu scroll down to the installed plugin and activate the installed plugin.

Step 3: The activation will create a separate tab in your control panel named as ‘Customize My Account Page.’ Click it and proceed with the customization. You can customize user account page by adding new end-points from backend.

Step 4: It also enables WYSIWYG editor, which give you complete control on end-points content. You can add headings, simple text, align the text, etc. to give information to users.

Step 5: WooCommerce custom my account page plugin allows you attach any page of your online store either product, CMS, or any category.

Step 6: You can also attach links to endpoints if you want to take your customers to any other page.

Step 7: It enables you to edit or customize the default endpoints of users account page with this extension.

Step 8: You can also add new endpoints or tabs based on user roles.

Step 9: You can enable multiple styles and positions for the account menu from the back office.

Step 10: This plugin allows various icons for endpoints. You can select the icon which is best for your endpoints.

How to Customize Users’ My Account Page in WooCommerce