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How to Launch Your Online Store with a No Code Ecommerce App Builder

Can you recall those days when building an online shop meant countless lines of code, headaches, and hair-pulling for weeks, if not months? No-code solutions bring those days to an end. No code facilitates individuals with no technical background to create an empire online without any barrier.

Welcome to the “Appigator Mobile App Builder” by Extendons. This is not just one more tool but rather an indication of how much we have progressed in commerce. Using Appigator does not just mean designing a digital shop. Instead, it means creating an experience with no coding required if you want to convert your store to a mobile application with push notifications and personalize the app’s UI, welcome to a world of ‘no-code’ eCommerce app builder. Sounds dreamy, right?

Here’s a Future of E-commerce that is simple, affordable, and highly effective. Therefore, whether you are an established organization wanting to increase its digital presence, or someone fresh in the field wishing to create waves, the no code ecommerce app builder will help kick-start your progress.

Why Choose Appigator Mobile App Builder

Starting an online business is thrilling, but it can also be daunting. With so many tools out there, how do you pick the right one? Let’s make that decision a tad easier. If you’re looking to dive into the mobile market without the fuss, the Appigator Mobile App Builder is your go-to.

Reach More with Mobile

Everyone’s on their phones these days. By choosing Appigator, you’re not just opening an online store but inviting mobile users worldwide to browse your products. It’s a sure-shot way to boost sales and expand your reach.

No Tech Degree? No Problem

The beauty of this no code ecommerce app builder is its simplicity. You don’t need to be a tech whiz to convert your store into a mobile app. Appigator handles the heavy lifting so you can focus on what you do best – selling.

Save Those Bucks

Think about the costs of hiring a developer or teaming up with a mobile app company. It adds up, right? With Appigator, you’re cutting those costs. No need to hire, no need to outsource. It’s a win-win for your wallet and your peace of mind.

Key Features of Appigator Mobile App Builder

When diving into the world of online business, you want a tool that’s not just powerful but also user-friendly. The Appigator Mobile App Builder stands out in the crowded no code ecommerce app builder market, and here’s why:

One-click Installation

Have you ever been put off by complicated installation processes? With Appigator, it’s as easy as a single click. No fuss, no confusion, just a straightforward setup.

Add Unlimited Products 

There’s no cap, whether you’re selling handmade crafts or a range of tech gadgets. Add as many products as you like, and let your inventory shine.

Promote Offers and Banners with Push Notifications 

Got a sale coming up? Or a new product launch? Use push notifications to keep your customers in the loop. Promote offers, banners, and more, ensuring your store stays front and center.

Wishlist Feature for Customers 

We’ve all been there, loving a product but wanting to buy it later. The Wishlist feature lets your customers save their favorites, provoking them to return and make that purchase.

Android & iOS Support 

Whether your customer is on an Android phone, an iPhone, or a tablet, Appigator ensures your store looks impeccable. A responsive interface ready for both the App Store and Google Play.

Customization (theme color, logo, banner, slider) 

Your store should reflect your brand. Customize to your heart’s content. Pick your theme color, upload your logo, set up a catchy banner, and slide through promotions with the slider feature.

In essence, Appigator isn’t just another tool; it’s your partner in crafting an online store that’s truly yours. With these features and the ease of a no code platform, your ecommerce dreams are just a few clicks away.

Benefits of Launching Your Online Store with a No Code Solution

Starting an online store is an exciting venture. But let’s face it, the technical side can sometimes feel like you’re trying to decipher a foreign language. That’s where the magic of no code ecommerce app builders comes into play. Let’s delve into why launching your store with a no code solution, like Appigator, is a smart move.


Traditional online store setups can be pricey. Hiring developers, buying software, and other hidden costs can add up. With a no code solution, you’re getting a cost-effective route. You’re essentially getting more bang for your buck.

Quick to Market 

In the fast-paced world of ecommerce, time is money. No code platforms allow you to set up shop quickly. No waiting around for development or debugging. You can be up running and ready to sell in no time.

Flexibility and Scalability 

Every business evolves. With a no code ecommerce app builder, you have the flexibility to scale up or down as needed. Whether you’re expanding your product range or venturing into new markets, you have a platform that adapts with you.

No technical barriers 

Remember those days of feeling lost in tech jargon? Kiss them goodbye. No code means no technical barriers. It’s a platform designed for everyone, whether you’re a tech newbie or a seasoned pro.

Steps to Launch Your Online Store with Appigator

Dreaming of launching your online store but unsure where to start? With the Appigator Mobile App Builder, it’s simpler than you might think. Here’s a step-by-step guide to get your store up and running using this no code ecommerce app builder:

1. Sign Up and Installation 

Begin by heading over to the Appigator website. Sign up with your details, and you’re already on your way. The installation is a breeze, with clear instructions to guide you. No tech headaches here!

2. Syncing Your Store 

Got an existing store? No problem. With Appigator, you can easily sync your current store’s data. This means all your products, reviews, and other essentials get transferred smoothly. It’s like moving houses but without the heavy lifting.

3. Customizing the App’s Appearance 

First impressions matter. With Appigator, you can customize your app’s look and feel. Choose colors that resonate with your brand, upload your logo, and set the mood with banners and sliders. It’s your store; make sure it feels like it.

4. Testing and Publishing to App Stores 

Before making your grand debut, it’s always good to test the waters. Preview your app, make any tweaks if needed, and once you’re satisfied, it’s showtime. Publish your app to the App Store and Google Play, and let the world see what you’ve built.


As we wrap up our journey on the discussion of online store building, one thing stands out, the power and simplicity of no code ecommerce app builders, especially Appigator. In a landscape where technology can often feel overwhelming, tools like Appigator are a breath of fresh air. They bridge the gap, allowing anyone, regardless of their tech know-how, to craft a unique online space.

We explored the advantages of using Appigator Mobile App Builder, from its cost-effectiveness to its user-friendly interface and flexibility to its promise of breaking down technical barriers. It’s not just about building an online store. It’s about creating an experience, an extension of your brand, and a space where customers feel welcomed.

If there’s one takeaway from our discussion, it’s this: don’t let the fear of technology hold you back. So, why not give Appigator a spin? Dive in, play around, and experience firsthand the revolution that’s changing the face of online business.

How to Launch Your Online Store with a No Code Ecommerce App Builder