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OpenCart Geo-IP Default Language Currency

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Show customers currency & content in their regional language

No matter wherever website visitors are coming from, the OpenCart currency module will detect their location and will show content and currency in their regional language.

  • Automatically detect language and currency based on the visitor’s IP
  • Customers can manually change language and currency
  • Assign multiple rules and prioritize them
  • Allow IP exception for selected users

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Main Features

Geo-IP language and currency switcher extension for OpenCart allows you to automatically personalize language and currency of your website visitors based on their IP address and location. Make them feel at home by displaying content and product prices in their regional language. The OpenCart currency switcher will show a popup to incoming website visitors at the bottom of the webpage showing the language and currency settings. Customers can ignore it or continue with these settings. Customers can manually switch to any other regional settings. OpenCart auto Currency Switcher plugin makes use of MAXMIND country IP database, which allows you to customize settings for each region easily. You can categorize countries in different groups and configure settings such as group, currency, enable prompt, and more.

OpenCart Currency Switcher

No customer wants to go through the hassle of converting store prices into their regional currency. The OpenCart currency witcher module let you configure settings to change the currency of your store based on visitors’ IP address. This makes it easy for store visitors to shop in their regional currency.

OpenCart Language Switcher

Overcome the language barrier with the help of the OpenCart Language Switcher module. The users will be auto redirected to a store view in their native language so that they can easily read product descriptions and services.

Manually Change Currency and Location

A popup will be displayed to incoming visitors at the bottom of the page showing currency and language settings to visitors. Customers can manually switch to any other language or currency or let the OpenCart Geo-IP default language currency automatically change settings.

Categorize Regions into Groups

Categorize different regions by creating rules and groups that define language and currency settings for different regions. You can configure settings such as group text, currency, language, enable prompt, title, and much more.

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