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OpenCart Geo-IP Ultimate Lock

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Block IP address from certain countries to secure your website

Restrict spam, unwanted traffic, hackers, or your competitors stealing your business ideas by using the OpenCart block IP extension.

  • Restrict access from any location or IP address
  • Supports IP exceptions
  • Configure active time period for security rules
  • Display custom message to blocked visitors

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Main Features

Block access to your website from different regions, countries, cities, or any specific IP by using OpenCart block IP address extension. This country filter module secures your website from competitors stealing your product ideas as well as from any spam/hacking threats. By using the MaxMind country database, you can easily block any country. The OpenCart block IP address plugin allows you to block access to desired products, categories, CMS pages, manufacturers, or the whole website. IP exceptions are also supported, this way you can ignore certain addresses when blocking any region. You can create different security access rules based on your needs for different sets of users and apply them to a specific location. Multiple rules are assigned priorities and are executed accordingly.

Restrict Specific Region or IP

OpenCart Geo-IP Ultimate Lock extension lets you restrict users from a certain region or IP from visiting your website and increase the number of relevant and legitimate users to your business. Use the IP filter to secure your website against spam users, unwanted traffic, and threats.

Display custom messages to blocked visitors

Show custom messages to visitors who are blocked when they land on your website. You can also display images, links, and other useful information on the landing page. By adding a redirect URL, you can easily transfer users to a page meant for their location.

Block Particular Products / CMS Pages

The OpenCart block IP plugin gives you the leverage to block access to specific products, CMS pages, categories, manufacturers, and wholesale retailers rather than restricting access to the complete store. This gives you the ability to control how and who to block from specific pages.

Create Multiple Restriction Rules

You can create and apply multiple restriction rules with the OpenCart country IP block module. Add different security access rules based on your requirements for different sets of users and apply them to a specific region. This way you can easily restrict traffic that is irrelevant to your website. Security access rules can be also configured to run for a certain time period and they will automatically terminate.

IP Exceptions & MaxMind Database

The OpenCart Geo-IP extension allows you to add IP exceptions. By adding user IP’s you can allow these users to access catalog or website pages that are blocked in their region. You can add multiple IPs and separate them by adding commas. With the MaxMind database, you can easily detect and restrict specific countries or IP addresses.

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