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OpenCart Measurement Price Calculator plugin

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Calculate Product Price Based on the Measurements Entered

Calculate your product prices based on the measurements entered by customers in length, width, height, area (Sqft), weight, volume, etc.

  • Sell Products by length, area, volume, and weight
  • Assign a price per unit and automate pricing
  • Choose measurement units according to products
  • Personalize the pricing units and labels

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Main Features

With the OpenCart Measurement Price Calculator plugin, you can sell products in varying measurements as your customers need. You can intake measurements from customers and automatically calculate the price with respect to the provided length, area, volume, weight, or box. As a result, you can charge according to a pricing unit that can be in meters, square feet, liters, KGs, etc. OpenCart Pricing Calculator plugin helps you sell products in varying quantity at a price per unit that can be defined with meter, foot, kg, liter, square foot, cubic foot, etc. this facilitate your customers to order products in a measurement they need the most rather than buying more than necessary.

Calculate Length

Calculate Area

Calculate Volume

Box of Products

Calculate Price Per Unit

OpenCart Measurement Price Calculator plugin allows you to calculate product price based on the per unit price entered by the customer. You can take input measurements in 8 different units including length, width, area, volume, or box of products.

Add Pricing Calculator on Product Pages

Enable pricing calculator on product pages by using the OpenCart measurement calculator plugin. You can apply the pricing calculator on all products or on specific products. The measurement calculator auto-calculates and displays product prices based on customer input.

Sell Products By Weight

Sell products based on their weight by using the OpenCart price per unit module. You can set different input and output units such as Kg, lb, mg, t, and OZ. Sell rice in Kg, gold in OZ, and cake in lb.

Sell Products By Area

With the OpenCart measurement price calculator plugin, you can sell products based on their area. Take length and width input from customers to calculate the price based on area. Sell land in sq.m, wallpaper in sq.ft, or boxes by sq.yd. You have the choice to allow input in the area or take both length and width from the customer to calculate the area.

Sell Product Based on Volume

Let customers purchase products based on the volume. Allow users to enter volume or input values of length, width, and height to calculate volume. You can take input and output values in multiple units including liters, cubic meter, cups, cubic yards, and Femtolitre ounces.

Create Pricing Table to Offer Quantity-Based Discounts

You can offer quantity-based discounts for different measurement ranges by creating a pricing table. In this way, you can encourage your customers to buy more quantity of products to get a discount.

Supports Multiple Input & Output Units

The OpenCart pricing calculator module allows you to calculate price in multiple base units. Depending on the type of calculation you can choose from different measurement units. Moreover, you can define different input and output units as per your requirements. Price calculator supports measurement units such as meter, foot, inch, Liter, Milli-liter, Cubic Inch, Gallon, Quart, Pound, and Ton.

Set Min/Max Order Quantity

OpenCart Measurement Pricing Calculator extension lets you set the minimum and maximum product quantity you want to sell in each order.

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