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Rich Snippets & Schema Markup Plugin for WordPress & WooCommerce Version 1.1.0

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Add Schema Markup for Rich Snippets in Google Search Results

Improve the performance of your website in the search engine result pages with the WooCommerce Rich Snippets & Schema Markup Plugin.

  • Enable Schema for Business, Organization and Contact details

What's included

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Details and Compatibility

Version:Version 1.1.0
Last update:2020-03-30 Version History
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Main Features

WooCommerce rich snippets plugin allows you to add 13 types of schema details to improve your website presentation in Google search results. You can enable schema for business, products, breadcrumbs, contact details, carousel, logo, video, social profiles, article, recipe, events and website search. Once you add the structured data to your website, Google will display your website with more useful information in the search results. Additional information like ratings, business details, video etc. in search results catches the attention of users towards your website and increases the click-through rate.

Add schema details to display Article and Recipe in Carousel

Display Social profiles, logo, and video in rich snippets

Show breadcrumbs & product reviews in Google snippets

Display event and articles in Top stories

Enable Search Schema to Display Search Box in SERPs

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Add Schema Details for Business or Organization

WordPress snippets plugin allows you to add details of your business, organization, and to display in Google search results. You can also show the contact details in rich snippets.

Showcase Social Profiles, & Logo in Rich Snippets

You can highlight your business logo and social profiles in Google knowledge panel.

Display Breadcrumbs & Product Reviews in Google Snippets

WooCommerce rich snippets plugin also shows the breadcrumbs of products pages in SERPs for easy website navigation. This plugin also displays the product reviews and ratings in Google results to attract the customers.

Display Article in Google Top Stories

Rich snippets WordPress plugin allows you to display the articles in Google top stories by adding schema details.

Show All Recipes in a Google Carousel

WooCommerce snippets plugin display the recipes in the carousel in Google search results. You can add multiple recipes pages to show in slider.

Enable Video Schema to Display Videos in Google Search Results

Enable video schema to display the videos in Google search results.

Display Website Search Box in Google Rich Snippets

With WooCommerce schema plugin you can enable website search schema to display the search box right in SERPs. Help your customers easily find a product or page of your website by using this search box. It displays relevant pages from the website as Google search results.

Highlight Upcoming Events in Google Search Results

WordPress snippets plugin let you enable event schema to highlight the upcoming event in Google search results.

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