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Shopify Advanced Order Quantity

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Set Maximum & Minimum Product Quantity that Customers can Buy

Set maximum and minimum products quantity for the customer to select with the Shopify Advanced Order Quantity App. Restrict the customers to purchase products within your set product quantity.

  • Set Limit for Product Quantities
  • Restrict Cart Page for a Specific Number of products
  • Apply Rules to Specific Products or Categories
  • Display Product Quantities on the Cart Page

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Details and Compatibility

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Main Features

With the Advanced quantity order application, you can define the minimum and maximum product quantities that a customer can quickly choose from the store. The application allows you to limit clients' orders to the lowest and largest quantity of items that your store can handle. Set limits for the cart and individual products. You can also place a restriction on the number of items in your cart.

You may ensure that each consumer receives an equal amount of store items by establishing the lowest and greatest product quantity limits. To limit the number of items in each order, you can set the lowest and highest quantity for the cart page. This saves you money on shipping and handling and reordering by allowing you to offer average orders to your consumers.

Set Maximum & Minimum Product Quantity

Set maximum and Minimum Cart Limits

Display Customized Alert Messages

Create a Multistep Cart on your Store

Define Maximum & Minimum Product Quantity

Shopify Advanced Order Quantity App enables you to set maximum and minimum product quantities to restrict customers to place orders within the highest and lowest number of products you can manage in your store.

Cart Quantity Limit

Display alert messages on product pages showing the maximum and minimum cart quantity limit. You can also customize the alert message according to your preference.

Easily Manage Store Stock by setting Limits

Easily administer the stock of your store by setting maximum and minimum limits on your cart page.

  • Set Maximum & Minimum Cart Quantity Limits
  • Apply Settings on Simple or Variable Products
  • Display Customize Message to Show Quantity Limits
  • Take Orders within a Certain Price and Quantity Bracket

Display Customized Alert Messages

Guide your customers at every step with customized alert messages showing cart amounts and ranges. Add custom alert text messages including minimum order quantity, maximum order quantity, multiple order quantity, and minimum cart amount.

Limit your customers to order within a specific quantity bracket whether on the product page or cart page. This way you easily manage issues such as overselling or underselling of certain products.

Set Quantity Limits on Products

Apply quantity limits on products or cart pages. Apply these settings on either simple products, variants, or categories of products.

  • Set Quantity Limits on Simple Products
  • Apply Different Rules for Variants of Products
  • Limit Quantity of Products in a Specific Category
  • Easily Manage Quantity of Products in your Store

Sell Products in Higher Quantities

Utilize the Shopify Advanced Order Quantity App to enhance the shopping experience of your customers and sell a higher number of products within your set maximum and minimum cart ranges.

Advanced Order Quantity App allows you to create a multistep cart and quantity tiers for the cart page. Set maximum and minimum amount values and boost store sales with different quantity tiers.

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Product FAQ's

First, at the back end, go to the Shopify Apps store. Here you will find the Advanced Order Quantity App. Click on Advanced Order Quantity and add it to your store after accepting billing. Once installed, the user will be redirected to the app interface.
Set limits on quantity and amount Minimum Cart Quantity: Add minimum cart quantity values that must be satisfied by the customer at the checkout page Maximum Cart Quantity: Add maximum cart quantity values that must be satisfied by the customer at the checkout page
At the back end, go to the Apps store and uninstall the Advanced Order Quantity app.