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Shopify BOGO Discount App 1.4.0

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Offer Multiple discounts on Products

Increase your eCommerce sales by offering discounts on certain products or collections of products. Increase efficiency of your store’s sales strategy and improver overall user experience.

  • Create BOGO Offers
  • Create Multiple Discount Offers
  • Easily Set-Up Bulk Discounts
  • Assign Deals to Specific Products

What's included

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Details and Compatibility

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Main Features

BOGO Discount APP is a dependable solution for increasing your eCommerce sales by offering discounts on a selection of products or the full collection of products. It improves consumer experience and streamlines your sales strategy by automating discounts on your store.

You can easily enable this app from the admin panel and set up options based on your store and personal preferences. The app will take care of the rest, activating discounts based on individual purchases and bulk purchases without requiring any additional effort.

Multiple Type of Discounts

Discount in Quantity Breaks

Volume Base Discounts

Add Attractive Badges

Create DIscount Rules

Set Tier Discounts

Multiple Discount Offers in a Single App

BOGO Discount App allows you to offer multiple types of discounts through a single app. You can create multiple discount offers which you can live within a few minutes. You can apply three types of discounts, BOGO, Special, and Quantity Breaks. Depending on your sales strategy you can choose the discount offer that suits you.

With the BOGO Discount App, you can also apply different styles of attractive badges for different discount types. This way you can encourage users to buy more products.

Engage Customers with Exciting Discount Offers

Attract more customers and increase user experience with multiple discount offers on a number of products or collections of products.

  • Create Multiple Types of Discount Offers
  • Apply Buy One Get One Offers
  • Offer Rewards to Customers to Increase Order value
  • Increase Conversion of your Store

Apply Quantity Break Discounts

Shopify BOGO Discount App enables you to set discounts into quantity breaks. You can also set quantity break discounts in bulk quantity. This will result in an increased number of orders and conversions.
By using the BOGO Discount App you can also set tier discounts. Create different tiers and discount offers for certain products. This way you can encourage customers to move towards high tiers and boost your store's sales.

Built-In Volume Base Discounts

This App allows you to create volume base discount offers on your store. You can assign the discount on specific quantities of desired products.

  • Display Discount Offer on Cart Page
  • Set limits on Product Quantities
  • No Need for custom Coding to Set Discounts
  • Assign Discounts on Different Volumes of Products

Display Attractive Badges

10+ different badges styles are available for you to display on discounted products or collections. These include badges like BOGO, Clearance Sale, or Special Offer. You can easily customize these badges and display different badges for selected products.
You can either display offer badges or customize the badges according to your preferences. Display different badges on a number of products or specific products. This will make your discount offer more engaging and catchy.

Create Multiple Discount Rules

You can Create and Manage Multiple Discount Offers on specific Products or collections of products on your eCommerce Store.

  • Create Multiple Discount Rules
  • Easily Manage Discount Rules
  • Apply Multiple Discount Rules on Number of Products
  • Create Discount Rules According to your Marketing campaigns

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Product FAQ's

First, at the back end, go to the Shopify Apps store. Here you will find the Bogo Discount App. Click on Bogo Discount and add it to your store after accepting billing. Once installed, the user will be redirected to the app interface.
go to the backend and click add rule button, create separate rules for multiple products, and apply different discount deals
At the back end, go to the Apps store and uninstall the Bogo Discount app.