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Shopify BOGO Discount App 1.4.0

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Sell More with Quantity Breaks Shopify App!

The quickest way to increase your conversions and bring more sales is to offer volume discounts to your customers. Shopify BOGO app is the fastest & powerful Shopify upsell app where you can create a one-click up-sell & increase your sales by X-times.

  • Volume & Quantity Discount
  • Special Discount Offer
  • Buy One, Get One Free (BOGO)

What's included

  • 5-Day Free Trial


  • If Have Any Comptitbility Issues Contact us in our support hours 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM (GMT +5)

Details and Compatibility

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See Why Shopify BOGO Discount App is so Cool? Features:

Increase engagement with the following Upsell Discount Options:

  • Buy One Get One (BOGO) Discount Offer
  • Identical upsell - Buy X get another X for free
  • Cross upsell - Buy X and Get Y for free

Volume & Quantity Options:

  • Buy 5 to 10 units and get a 5% discount on the same item
  • Buy at least 10 units and get a $5 discount on each unit
  • Buy 5 to 10 units to get a 10% discount, buy 11 to 15 to get a 20% discount

Special Discount Offer:

  • Buy 2 shoes and get a 50% discount on socks
  • Buy a mobile phone and get a $5 discount on the mobile cover

Multiple Type of Discounts

Discount in Quantity Breaks

Volume Base Discounts

Add Attractive Badges

Create DIscount Rules

Set Tier Discounts

Buy One, Get One Free (BOGO)

Enable BOGO discount on a single or combination of products to boost store sales. You can set up multiple BOGO discounts depending on the type of offer and product.

Shopify BOGO App Increases Sales!

Offering discounts on your collection is a proven strategy to potentially get more sales and profits to your business, & increase your customer base. You can use Shopify volume discount App to offer discounts to feel appreciated & make your customers feel good about your products. it’ll show them that they received a saving offer & at last, will feel relaxed & happier. You can turn these positive feelings into a long-term benefit for your brand. So install BOGO Discount to increase your happy customers.

Increase your brand awareness with Shopify Bulk Discount!

You can use the Shopify BOGO discount App to offer deals & discounts that’ll enhance your brand awareness & keep your product in front of the target audience. You’ll gain attention quite easily from your customers. You can spread your store deals & discounts to numerous prospects easily where there is a high probability that they’ll check out your offerings, especially in times of dire need for your products.
Use BOGO Discount App to Aware more and more prospects & potential buyers about your discounts & deals and let your business grow rapidly.

Use Quantity Breaks Shopify App to Get more Loyal Customers!

Loyal customers are a highly valued asset to your business because they’ll stick to your product even if there are lots of other options. You can use BOGO Discount to offer special deals through identical upsell or cross upsell to make more loyal customers. You can easily attract & retain them through attractive deals. Besides discounts & special deals, you can use BOGO Discount to enhance your customer's shopping experience & let your product stuck In your customer's minds forever.

Meet your Sales Objective with tiered discounts Shopify!

These days your potential customers are spending three to four hours of their time looking for deals and offerings. Therefore, promoting discounts & deals from time to time should be a foremost part of your marketing strategy to achieve your monthly or annual sales goals.
With BOGO Discount, you can skyrocket your sales using quantity breaks & discounts & give your business a competitive edge over your competitors.

Increase your Shopify Store reputation with the Best DEALS & offers!

An excellent brand reputation depicts consumers' trust & encourages your customers to be more confident about doing business with you. You can Set up discount tiers to build your brand reputation through special discounts, deals & offers to your potential prospects online.

Get an edge over your competitors through discount tiers!

You have fierce competition ahead in e-commerce for a diminishing share of your customer's wallet. You can use thoughtfully designed discounts & offerings to stay ahead of your competition. You can use special features allowed on BOGO Discount to offer enticing offers, deals, or coupons to create loyal customers that’ll stick to your products and shun your competitors.

Add BOGO Discount Now & Skyrocket your SALES, today!

Easy to install and use. You can install BOGO Discount right away to bring more sales to your store & create a loyal customer base.

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Product FAQ's

First, at the back end, go to the Shopify Apps store. Here you will find the Bogo Discount App. Click on Bogo Discount and add it to your store after accepting billing. Once installed, the user will be redirected to the app interface.
go to the backend and click add rule button, create separate rules for multiple products, and apply different discount deals
At the back end, go to the Apps store and uninstall the Bogo Discount app.