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Shopify Login My Phone Number Version 1.3.1

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Allow Users to Login with phone Number to Increase Registration

The Shopify login My Phone Number allows customers easy, simple, and fast login to your store through an OTP sent to their mobile numbers. This prevents spam user registrations and makes user login more secure.

  • Fast & Simple login with Phone Number
  • Secure Login Method Via OTP
  • Easy Login with Registered Phone Numbers
  • Steer Clear of Spam User Registrations

What's included

  • 15-Day Free Trial


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Details and Compatibility

Version:Version 1.3.1
Last update:2021-02-04 Version History
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Main Features

The Login My Phone Number App Increases your store's registration rate and improves customer experience. It operates by providing a seamless registration and login method that may be used in place of the usual email and password login methods. The consumer simply needs to input their phone number, and an OTP will be sent to their phone through SMS to confirm their login.

It's a highly effective app that not only helps consumers save time by reducing login time, but also provides convenience to customers who are frequently frustrated by difficult login credentials. You can customize the login section by hiding the previous registration form and changing the color & content of the phone number login button.

Register with Phone Number

Login via OTP

Custom Alert Messages

Register With your Phone Number

Customers may easily register for your website or log in using their cell phone number. This is a simple and quick process in which the consumer enters their phone number and the App generates an OTP that is sent to their phone for authentication. This is a much more convenient method and the user doesn't need to remember passwords.

Flawless Login Method

The Login My Phone Number App allows for a fast and secure login system using an OTP. This prevents spam user registrations and encourages registration from users.

Allow Login Via OTP

The Shopify Login My Phone Number App enables your users to register by using their phone numbers. With an OTP they can register fast and securely.

  • Login via OTP Ensures a Secure Registration
  • Increase the Registration Rate of your Store
  • Reduce Login and Registration Time
  • Improve Customer Experience with Fast and Secure Login Method

Customers can Update Information After Login

Once logged in to the store, the customer can easily view and manage the information. The user can update information such as first name, last name, email address, and phone number at any time.

Moreover, the App detects the user's location and automatically fills in the country code of the customer's phone number. Saving users' time and making the registration process user-friendly.

Easy Configuration for a Secure Store

The Shopify Login My Phone Number App requires just a few steps to configure so that you have a secure store with a smooth login and registration method.

  • Rapid Enable or Disable App Functionality Option
  • Hide the Default Login Form from the User
  • Add a "Resend Code" Button
  • Set a Time for OTP Code Expiration

Multiple Customization Options

The Login My Phone Number App provides you with multiple customization choices. You can personalize the mobile login button as you desire. You have the option to change the color or font of the button.

The App also allows you to add custom fields, labels, and placeholder text. This way you can reduce the login time and offer convenience to your customers.

Set Customized Alert Messages

Create custom messages to alert users if they make a wrong input. Apply alert messages such as success, error, or timer as seem fit.

  • Set Alert Message for Wrong Phone Number Format
  • Speed up the Process with Expiration Code Timers
  • Control Repetition of Wrong Inputs
  • Display Aler Messages on Repeating Phone Numbers

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Product FAQ's

How do I add OTP verification to Shopify?
Install the Login with phone number app and allow your users to log in to your store with their phone number. An OTP will be sent to the mobile phone number to log in to the store.
How do I login with OTP?
Enter your phone number and click on send code. You will receive an OTP on the phone number you entered. Enter the OTP and click on login. This way you can easily log in with your phone number using OTP.
What is an OTP authentication?
A one-time password (OTP) is a unique password that provides a mechanism for logging on to a network or service using a password that can only be used once. The Shopify Login with phone number app enables customers to log in to your store with a simple and secure OTP method.
How does login with phone number works?
It is the process of logging-in user's account by using a phone number. The customer enters their phone number as and receives a one-time password (OTP) on their phone, entering which they can log in.