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Shopify Measurement Price Calculator V.1.8.0

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Calculatr Product Price in Multiple Measurement Units

Sell products based on specific measurement units, such as area, volume, or height. Take per unit price from customers and calculate the price based on that specific measurement unit.

  • Mutiple Measurement Units
  • Sell product According to Measurement Units
  • Fix base Price for Each Product
  • Sell Products in Variable Size Quantities

What's included

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Details and Compatibility

Version: V.1.8.0
Last update:2021-01-26 Version History
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Main Features

The Shopify Measurement Pricing Calculator App allows your clients to quickly fetch a price for their products by entering measurement data such as length, area, volume, and weight. Tiles, blinds, liquids, cloth, fencing, frames, wires, liquids, ropes, and many other things with varied sizes can be sold based on their measurements. After you've entered a unit price, the software will take care of the rest.

Sell products based on measurement sizes. You can offer variable-sized products based on length, weight, area, volume, and even boxes by adding a measurement price calculator tool to your store.

Measure Price Per Unit

Sell Products in Variable Sizes

Calculate Price in Multiple Units

Calculate Price Per Unit By Customer Input

Shopify Measurement Price Calculator allows you to compute product price per unit. Take measurements from the customer to calculate the product price. You can take measurements in 8 different units including, length, width, area, volume, and boxes of products.

The Measurement Price Calculator App is compatible with multiple themes making it useful for most store owners. This app shows pricing tables on the product page with a maximum and minimum limit to each dimension.

Sell Variable Sized Products

It is convenient for customers to buy products in sizes they prefer rather than buying in a fixed size or purchasing in large quantities.

  • Sell Products in Multiple Sizes and Measurement Units
  • Display Price Tables on the Product Page
  • Allow Measurement Units Like Meter, Yard, & Feet
  • Offer Discounted Rates for Differnet Measurements

Sell Volume Based Products

Sell multiple products based on their volume and compute the price with the auto-price per unit calculator. This encourages customers to buy products in bulk quantity hence increasing store conversion and sales.

Apply price measurement calculator on multiple product variants and display price table with per-unit price, quantity, and product amount. you can apply a measurement calculator to multiple product variants.

Calculate Price in Multiple Measurement Units

Shopify Measurement Price Calculator support price calculation in multiple measurement units based on nature of the product.

  • Measure Price by Length in Units such as Meter, Centimeter, and Yard
  • Measure Price by Area in Units such as Sq. Mile, Sq. Meter, and Sq. Inches
  • Measure Price by Weight in Units such as Gram, Ounce, and Pounds
  • Measure Price by Volume in Units such as Liter, Gallon, and Quart

Simple Rule Base Configuration

Easily configure base rules to calculate product price. Configure measurement settings by adding title, measurement unit, base price, minimum and maximum prices, and price labels.

In the pricing table, you can set start and end ranges, regular price, and sale price. You can also configure the maximum and minimum product quantity.

Calculate Product Prices Based on Units

The Measurement Price Calculator is the best app when it comes to calculating prices of multiple products with respect to their units.

  • Calculate Prices of Products based on their measurement units
  • Allow to calculate product prices in multiple units
  • Suitable for Calculating Prices of Different Products
  • measure Prices in units such as Klogram, Meters, Gram, and Per-Box

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Product FAQ's

First, at the back end, go to the Shopify Apps store. Here you will find the Measurement Price Calculator App. Click on Measurement Price Calculator and add it to your store after accepting billing. Once installed, the user will be redirected to the app interface.
At the back end, go to the Apps store. Here you will find the list of all the apps running on your store. Click on the Measurement Price Calculator to continue.
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At the back end, go to the Apps store and uninstall the Measurement Price Calculator app.