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Shopify Pay What You Want September 01, 2020

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Allow Customers to pay what they want to increase sales

Increase your sales by allowing customers to pay what they want. Ask customers for the least or highest price they are willing to pay to improve your sales with shopify pay what you want app.

  • Enable Customers to Pay What they Want
  • Fix Limits to Set a Price Range
  • Include an “Ask your Price” Button
  • Apply on Specific Products or Variants

What's included

  • 7-Day Free Trial


  • If Have Any Comptitbility Issues Contact us in our support hours 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM (GMT +5)

Details and Compatibility

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Main Features

Customers may come to a halt and reconsider their buying decision based on price. Fixed pricing could lead to more cart abandonment. You can give customers the freedom to pay any amount they choose for a product using the Pay What You Want app. It assists you in increasing sales by providing dynamic pricing based on each customer's willingness to pay.

The App enables you to add an "Ask your Price" button to instigate negotiation. You establish a pricing range with minimum and maximum values, and the customer must enter a figure to determine whether it is acceptable or not. Such bargaining eliminates the need to request a specific price or discount. They are more likely to convert at the price they set.

Enable Users to Pay What they Want

Display an “Ask for Price” Button

Set Price Range Limits on Products

Set Seperate Rules on Variable Products

Easily Configure App Functionalities

Allow Customers to Pay What They Want

Allow your customers to pay the price that they want with the Shopify Pay What You Want App. Make customers happy by asking them for the price so that they control the price of products they like. This will encourage the customers to make a purchase and hence increase sales of your eCommerce store.

Include an "Ask your Price" button on simple or variable products and set minimum and maximum price ranges on products.

Set Price Range Limits

Set maximum and minimum price range limits to force your customers to place orders within certain price ranges. If the users enter a price below or above the price range limit, they will receive an alert message.

  • Exhibit Various Prices on Product Page
  • Set Minimum & Maximum Price Limits
  • Increase Store Conversions
  • Show Alert Message on Wrong Price Input

Display an "Ask for Price" Button

Pay What you Want App enables you to display an "Ask for Price Button" on products. This way you can encourage your customers to go through a purchase at a price of their own choice. You have the choice to add either the "Ask your Price" button or the "Checkout" button or you can add both buttons on the collection page.

You have the choice to set the "Ask your Price" button on simple products on variants of certain products on the collection page.

Set Separate Rules on Variable Products

Create separate rules for variable products to set the "Ask your Price" Button so that you can create different rule sets for specific products or collections of products.

  • Create Separate Rules for Variable Products
  • Set Alert for Max/Min Price Ranges
  • Reduce Cart Abandonment with Flexible Pricing
  • Dynamic Prices for a Single Product Variants

Easy App Configuration

Configure all the functionalities of the App with quite an ease. Easily Setup the "Ask your price" button, labels, alert message text and maximum and minimum price range from the back end of the App.

You can customize the button text or add an additional "Add to Cart" button for the catalog page. You can also set labels including suggested price, maximum and minimum price, and Add to Cart button label.

Create Specific Rules for Separate products

Setup rules for separate products or you can create rules for variants of specific products and set price ranges for product variants.

  • Easily create & manage rules for certain products
  • enable or Disable any Rule at any Time
  • Apply Rules on Product Variants
  • Set Price ranges for variants of the Same Products

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Product FAQ's

First, at the back end, go to the Apps store. Here you will find the Pay What You Want App. Click on Pay What You Want and add it to your store after accepting billing. Once installed, the user will be redirected to the app interface.
At the back end, go to the Apps store. Here you will find the list of all the apps running on your store. Click on the Pay What You Want to continue. Now, General Settings page will appear at your screen
After saving the general settings of this app, you can create custom rules by clicking on the Add Rule button to add a new rule.
Compatible with all Shopify themes
Monday to Friday 9:00 to 5:00 GMT+
At the back end, go to the Apps store and uninstall the Pay What You Want app.