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Shopify Scroll Freely Version 1.0.0

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Install infinite scrolling Shopify & Let your customer Stay on your Store for long!

Infinite scrolling has been a design standard for a long time because no one can ignore the power of infinite scrolling. As it’s the best way to keep your customer engaged with your Shopify Store for a long time. The more they spend time, the more they are going to explore your products & content that’ll finally lead to a sale.

Add infinite scrolling Shopify app to your store & engage your customer as much as you want.

  • Infinite scrolling improves user engagement & experience
  • It reduces your store’s bounce rate that’s good for SEO
  • It provides user’s a seamless way to engage with other pages on your store too
  • Infinite scrolling is great for mobiles & more than 70% of your customers are using mobiles

What's included

  • 5-Day Free Trial


  • If Have Any Comptitbility Issues Contact us in our support hours 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM (GMT +5)

Details and Compatibility

Version:Version 1.0.0
Last update:2021-02-16 Version History
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Powerful Features

With the ajax infinite scroll Shopify app, you can replace the standard pagination on your collection pages with endless scrolling to make your customer explore your store easily. Infinite scrolling is a powerful way to keep your customer engaged more with your store. And the more they spend time in your store, the more they are going to decide to buy. Load more button Shopify app is an ultimate solution to get rid of loading issues caused by changing your page with standard paginations. This way your customer will want to spend more time in your store without being annoyed by loadings.

You can install & activate the Shopify scroll to top button app right away to let your customers scroll infinitely deeper into your store where they can explore your products & content easily. The Shopify endless scroll plug-in works as magic to load the content quickly & your customer will never be interrupted by any loading issues.

Load More Products

Display Show Less & More Buttons

Add Move to Top Button

Ajax Based Fast Loading

Customize Buttons with Theme

Scroll Freely is an Ultimate Way to Engage& give your customer more control!

Furthermore endless scroll Shopify also allows you to add a load more button which provides user’s the choice of whether they want to keep scrolling or not. Sometimes users want to swipe back to the top. Therefore, we have added back to the top button where your customer can go back to the top instantly with a single click.

You can show your content in a sequence with the new infinite scrolling app without affecting your wallet.

A lower bounce rate is great for your Store SEO!

The bounce rate is the number of visitors who bounce back from your site without any interaction with your store. Therefore, your store needs to keep a lower bounce rate to rank higher in Google searches.

With infinite Scrolling Shopify, the user engages with your site more and more that ultimately lowering the bounce rate. It means that the people who were supposed to leave your website are now spending more time on your website, which is a vital part of ranking your Shopify Store.

Infinite Scrolling Let your Customers Dive Deeper into your website!

Infinite scrolling increases the number of your customers interacting with content pieces aka page depth. For example, desktop users explore more with infinite scrolling to move from one to other pieces of content & product pages.

You can win a big number of customers with endless scrolling that visits pages after pages and engage with your site for a long time.

Improve Your User Experience for Scrollers!

Great for Mobile Devices!

As more than 70% of your customers are now using mobile phones to browse products & services these days, Therefore Mobile is the best idea to consider first. Infinite scrolling is vital for Mobile or other touch devices.

Better Exposure for your content!

With infinite scrolling, you can show your potential customers the product or content that they may not know of. Therefore, Scroll Freely is the best option to expose your products & important content to your store visitors.

Fewer Clicks!

More actions & clicks on your site drain energy from your store visitors and discourage them to leave. Therefore, fewer clicks make it easy for them to keep scrolling endlessly & stay on your Store for long.

Install & Activate Scroll Freely Right Now & provide a better User Experience for your Customers!

Activating Infinite scrolling is much easier than you think. All you have to do is add Scroll Freely to your Store & Let your potential customers stay in your store as much as you want.

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Product FAQ's

What is Infinite Scroll in Shopify?
The infinite scroll in Shopify improves the user experience by allowing customers to scroll down to load more products instead of clicking. Scrolling without clicking on a button is a lot easier than clicking and then scrolling to view products. The infinite scrolling feature requires less action by the user to load the contents on the page.
How to add back to top button on Shopify store?
To do so, simply go to "Apps" > Select "Scroll freely" App > Select "Scroll to Top" > Select the checkbox to enable the button for desktop and mobile devices. You can personalize the button text and colors to match your store layout.
How to Install and Configure Scroll Freely app on Shopify?
To install the app, click on "Buy from Shopify" and you will be redirected to "Shopify App store". Click on "Add App" > Add billing details > The app will now be added to your Shopify store. To configure the app, go to Apps > Scroll Freely > General Setting: Here you can enable the App status by clicking on the checkbox.
At the back end, go to the Apps store and uninstall the Scroll Freely app.