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Shopify Scroll Freely

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Display More Products with Infinite Scroll

Shopify Scroll Freely App Allow your consumers to scroll freely through an infinite number of products with fast and uninterrupted loading in a single go alongside appealing animations and customization options.

  • Browse Infinite Number of Products
  • Ajax-Based Fast Loading
  • Enhanced UI for Mobile Users
  • Customization of Loading Effects

What's included

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Details and Compatibility

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Main Features

The Shopify Scroll Freely App continuously loads more products to keep your customers engaged. Ajax-based infinite scrolling and load more button provides a swift and fast loading of products. Infinite scroll allows you to show products as the user scrolls down the collection page, without having to wait for the page to load or asking the user to switch to the next page.

You may also change the color of the "load more" buttons, change the loading animations, and limit the number of products loaded for each loading. It's a useful App for increasing user engagement and lowering bounce rates.

Load More Products

Display Show Less & More Buttons

Add Move to Top Button

Ajax Based Fast Loading

Customize Buttons with Theme

Display More Products in a Single Scroll

The Shopify Scroll Freely App is easy to configure and allows customers to scroll through an infinite number of products or add a "Load More" button for fast loading of products. The "Load More" button is Ajax-based which helps with the fast loading of products.

Scroll Freely Through Products

The Scroll Freely App offers you 10 types of animation styles for loading products. You can also customize the button and set a limit on the number of products you want to display on the page.

Display Multiple Buttons

The Scroll Freely App enables you to display multiple buttons and allows you to customize these buttons as you seem fit.

  • Add Load More button or Scroll Option
  • Display "Show Less" & "Show More" Buttons
  • Set Positions to Display Buttons
  • Customize Background Colors of Buttons

Display Move to Top Button

The Scroll Freely App adds more ease of navigation to your website by adding a "scroll to top" button which allows the users to scroll back to the top with a single click.

You also have the ability to customize the buttons. You can customize the button text and background color to match your store theme.

Load infinite Products with Ajax

Shopify Scroll Freely App allows you to fast load an infinite number of products by utilizing Ajax-based infinite product scrolling.

  • Load Products Fast with Ajax
  • Customize the Buttons with the Theme
  • Number of Animation Styles
  • Load Infinite Number of Products

Easy App Configuration

The Shopify Scroll Freely App empowers your store with functionalities that you can configure accordingly. You can enable or disable app functionality and personalize the type of product loading.

You can also set animation on the product scroll to your specific requirements and preferences. This app includes animations like bounce, shake, fade-in, slide-in, and slide-right. You can also set multiple product batches and display your own images in SVG format to make your loading appealing to the eye and distinguishes it from competing stores.

Customize Buttons in Accordance with Theme

Customize the "Load More" button and "Scroll to the Top" button according to your choice and improve the user experience of the store.

  • Customize Button Texts
  • Change Background Color of Buttons
  • Adjust Position of the Buttons
  • Personalize Button Text and Messages

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Product FAQ's

What is Infinite Scroll in Shopify?
The infinite scroll in Shopify improves the user experience by allowing customers to scroll down to load more products instead of clicking. Scrolling without clicking on a button is a lot easier than clicking and then scrolling to view products. The infinite scrolling feature requires less action by the user to load the contents on the page.
How to add back to top button on Shopify store?
To do so, simply go to "Apps" > Select "Scroll freely" App > Select "Scroll to Top" > Select the checkbox to enable the button for desktop and mobile devices. You can personalize the button text and colors to match your store layout.
How to Install and Configure Scroll Freely app on Shopify?
To install the app, click on "Buy from Shopify" and you will be redirected to "Shopify App store". Click on "Add App" > Add billing details > The app will now be added to your Shopify store. To configure the app, go to Apps > Scroll Freely > General Setting: Here you can enable the App status by clicking on the checkbox.
At the back end, go to the Apps store and uninstall the Scroll Freely app.