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Shopify Variator

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Display Unlimited Product Variants on a Single Page

Display variants as single products on the collection page to allow customers to add product variants to the cart right away from the collection page and simplify the whole checkout process.

  • Show Variants as Sepearte Products
  • Allow Add to Cart Button on Variant Products
  • Simplify Checkout Process
  • Highlight Specific Product Variants

What's included

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Details and Compatibility

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Main Features

A product's landing page may not display all of its features. Customers may not see product variants in color, style, or design that are available in the dropdown menu. With the Shopify Variator, App customers can see all of the product possibilities on the collection page as individual catalog entries. Allow your consumers to browse product variations on your store's Collection page and add items to their cart with one click.

Set rules as to which product variants to display as separate items. Variants appear in search results as well, allowing customers seeking a specific product to learn about all of its variations, hence optimizing the buyer's journey.

Display Product Variants

Compare Product Variants

Display Variants on a Single Page

Dsiplay Variants in Search Results

Display Variants of Products

The Shopify Variator App allows you to show variants of a particular product as separate products on the collection page. Increase the number of catalog items to provide more choices for the customers which will lead to higher conversions.

Unlimited Product Variants

Variator App offers a fast & easy rule base configuration and enables you to show variations of different products in the search results and show "Add to Cart" buttons on each product increasing catalog product visibility

Display Product Variants on a Single Page

Show product variants in an intuitive and compact way on a single page so that the user can easily pick the product variant they need.

  • Highlight Variants of Specific Products
  • Boost your Online Sales
  • Increase Visibility of your Products
  • Display Unlimited Number of Product Variants

Allow Customers to Compare Product Variants

Utilize the Shopify Variator App to enable customers to easily compare all the product options on the collection page. This will facilitate the customers to place an order while staying on the collection page.

Display Add to Cart Button with product variants and customize the color and text of the button. This way you can show multiple product variants encouraging users to purchase, which will boost product sales.

Showcase Product Variants in Search Results

Display product variants in searches for the users so that they can quickly compare the products and add the desired products to the cart.

  • Increase Visibility of Product Variants
  • Save Time and Resources of Customers
  • Make Use of Variants to Drive More Sales
  • Provide More Options to Explore in Searches

Easily Search & Compare Products

The Shopify Variator App makes it easy for the customers to search for specific products and all their variants. Enable App functionality to enable or disable product variants in search results.

Display the "Add to Cart" button on the collection page and generate variant names. You can easily configure variant products with just a few clicks.

Easily Configure & Manage Variant Products

Enable rules on variants of specific products you want to display as separate products on the collection page.

  • Enable or Disable Rule for any Product Variant
  • Add Rule Titles for Any Individual Product Variant
  • Configure Rules and Apply them to Specific Products
  • Enable or Disable any Rule for a Ceratin Variant

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Product FAQ's

First, at the back end, go to the Shopify Apps store. Here you will find the Shopify Variator App. Click on Shopify Variator and add it to your store after accepting billing. Once installed, the user will be redirected to the app interface.
Monday to Friday 9:00 to 5:00 GMT+
At the back end, go to the Apps store and uninstall the Measurement Price Calculator app.