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Shopify VAT Include Exclude Pricing Version 1.0.0

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Build a Strong Customer Trust with Shopify VAT Include Exclude App!

You can build strong customer trust among your customers by eliminating price confusion through Shopify VAT. You can install Shopify VAT Include Exclude Pricing app now to improve positive publicity around your Shopify Brand plus make it easy for your customers to differentiate between prices with and without taxes.

  • Show tax rate in percentage
  • Personalize dual prices to differentiate easily
  • Define product price with & without taxes
  • Restrict specific products, groups, and categories

What's included

  • 5-Day Free Trial


  • If Have Any Comptitbility Issues Contact us in our support hours 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM (GMT +5)

Details and Compatibility

Version:Version 1.0.0
Last update:2022-08-16 Version History
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Powerful Features!

Shopify VAT is a great solution to display prices with and without taxes that eliminate price confusion among your customers. It's a solution for both B2B & B2C customers. You can create powerful publicity around your Shopify Brand to attract buyers and businesses by showing the prices with taxes. Furthermore, it leaves a space for your customers to negotiate the prices. Shopify VAT allows you to personalize the experience for your customers through different size, color, text & position features.

You can display prices with taxes, without them, or you can show both. The choice is yours. The way it suits your needs. Extendons VAT dual price app clarifies everything.

Show Tax Rate in Percentage

Price with & without Tax

Personalize Dual Price

Shopify VAT app builds trust among your customers!

The Quantity Selector App is an easy-to-use & engaging way to help your customers increase or decrease the number of products they like to purchase from your store. You can customize these buttons and make them easy to use for your customers to select. It enhances user experience plus boosts your sales to new heights.

Display with & without Tax Prices to attract Businesses!

You can attract your B2B target customers by showing transparent prices in your store. This way, they can easily calculate how much they get in bulk discounts and identify the final price they have to pay. Shopify VAT allows you to either show your prices with taxes or without them. It's on you!

You can customize the display to enhance the user experience!

Shopify VAT dual price app allows you to change the size, colors, position, text, and many other attributes to show an enhanced display to your customers.

You can restrict the display of dual prices!

Shopify VAT gives you more control. You can use it to show the before and after tax product prices on specific products or categories of your store. You can restrict:

  • Entire products
  • Selected products
  • Specific Products
  • Taxable Products

Save more time by installing easily on your store!

The Shopify VAT dual price app is a single-step installing process that is easy to set up on any product of your store and helps you save precious time.

Add Shopify VAT dual Price on your store to sell more!

The dual price app allows you to build a strong relationship and trust with your customers by offering transparency in your prices. This way you can increase your sales by 10x.

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