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WooCommerce 360º Image Plugin Version 1.0.4

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Showcase your product from every angle

Improve the customer experience and let your store customers get an in-depth insight about your product by showing them a 360 degree view.

  • Display product images in 360° View
  • Auto rotate images of the products

What's included

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  • 6 months support from extendons

Details and Compatibility

Version:Version 1.0.4
Last update: Version History
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Main Features

Allow your customers to rotate product images in 360° and zoom the image as well with WooCommerce 360° Image plugin. Online store owners can add images of each product that are taken from various angles of the product to achieve a panoramic view. This plugin spins the image on the product page, whereas customers can also rotate the image on both sides via mouse. WooCommerce 360 image plugin also display the 360 images in a light-box and full screen. It also enables various buttons for customers such as Move, Pause left, Turn right, zoom in/out etc.

Customers can zoom-in the image at any angle

Display 360 view in a light-box and full screen

Enables Buttons for Zoom in/out, Turn left/right, Move, Pause etc.

Display Product Images in 360° Photography

This plugin allows your users to see the product images from any angle. They can rotate the images and zoom them by scrolling mouse button. To properly use this plugin, online store owners should add at-least 16 images in a sequence.

Auto Rotates the Product Images

WooCommerce 360° image zoom plugin auto-rotates the image on product pages which makes the good impact on the customers. Customers can pause the image at any point and us the ‘turn left or right’ button to move it to either side.

Shows Product images in Lightbox and Full Screen

Customers can also see the product images in a lightbox and full screen and they can rotate the image from there as well. They can see a large-size image of the product in a lightbox and full screen which helps them look at the product more closely from any angle.

Enable Various Buttons to Aid Customers

WooCommerce 360° image zoom plugin also enables various buttons for product images. It enables the ‘Move’ button which helps customers to rotate or move the image. This plugin also allows users to zoom the product image by using zoom in/out button. They can also change the rotation of image with the help of turn left or right button

Exclude Product or Categories from 360° Zooming

WooCommerce 360° image plugin enables 360° degree zooming for all the products in your catalog. However, you can exclude some of the products or categories from 360 zooming feature. So, it’s a complete plugin for you in reasonable rate.

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