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WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Email Plugin, Recover Abandoned Carts Version 1.0.1

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Reduce Cart Abandonment & Improve Sales

Automatically send custom email reminders to customers who left the cart without making a purchase. This simple and easy to use woocommerce plugin helps reduce cart abandonment and recover pending orders.

  • Send Auto remind users about abandoned carts
  • Send multiple abandoned cart reminder emails
  • Offer free shipping, fixed or percentage discount

What's included

  • Quality checked by Envato
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  • 6 months support from extendons

Details and Compatibility

Version:Version 1.0.1
Last update: Version History
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Main Features

WooCommerce Abandoned Cart plugin reminds your users about their unfinished purchases, encourage them to recover the abandoned carts that ultimately boost the sales of your store. You can configure sending auto-reminders to users with cart discounts coupon to encourage them to complete their orders.

Comprehensive abandoned cart performance report

Product conversion reports after reminders

Configure email settings for auto reminders

Send Multiple Reminder Emails

You can send multiple reminder emails with this WooCommerce Recover Abandoned cart plugin. The reminder can be customized according to your requirements.

Create Custom Reminder Template

With WooCommerce cart abandonment plugin, you can create templates and configure sending an email to your potential buyers about their unfinished transactions using WYSIWYG editor. Create a captivating email subject for cart reminders as it will make you stand out from the rest of the email messages in the inbox and make the user open the email and take action.

Set Time & Include Discount / Free Shipping Offer in Email

Define a time to send the emails automatically to the users by using WooCommerce recover abandoned cart extension. Allow the users to avail incentives on completing the purchase they have left incomplete. This will encourage the users to buy the product as soon as possible.

  • Set time for cart auto-reminders
  • Allow fixed or percentage discount on carts
  • Offer free shipping

Get Detailed Performance Reports

WooCommerce cart reports plugin generates detailed product reports to provide the merchant with product-specific performance. It allows you to review the total number of times a product purchase is left incomplete and how many times the abandoned carts were recovered successfully.

Email Notifications on Abandoned/Recovered Carts

Configure an email notification for the administrator upon loss or successful recovery of an abandoned cart. The WooCommerce shopping cart abandonment plugin notifies the admin or merchant through an email once the user completes or abandons the order.

Enable Guest Cart & Set Cut off Time

WooCommerce abandoned cart pro plugin allows you to enable “Guests abandoned carts” to track the unfinished purchases by guest users who have not signed up for an account and remind them to check out. You can review and delete their entries as well. Also, you can set a cut off time for your abandoned carts.

Get User Details & Manually Send them Emails

WooCommerce abandoned cart plugin enables you to get detailed information about the users who leave the cart and send them emails manually. Email can be sent in a template you select or design..

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