WooCommerce Business, Wedding Card & Flyer Designer Plugin


Main Features

WooCommerce business card designer plugin let your customers design various cards on your website e.g. business, wedding, flyer, etc. You can add basic templates for users to choose and personalize it accordingly. Enables card designing on front as well as backside. With a complete designing canvas, your customers can add text, pictures, clipart, and format the text. They can save personalized cards and place orders for printing right away. You can download the user image in PNG format at high resolution and print the number of copies based on the buyer’s requirement. Download WooCommerce Business Card & Flyer Designer

Allow customers to design cards for business, wedding, and flyers​

Customers can add text, images, and clip-art​

You can add multiple templates and clip-art with categories​

Fully Allows front and back side designing​

Users can change the text type, size, and color​

You can download the image in PNG format in high resolution​

Enable Customers to Design Cards and Flyers

WooCommerce card designer plugin empowers your customers to custom design cards for business, wedding invitations, personal use, and informational flyers. They can select a template and personalize as per their custom requirements.

Customers Can Design Cards from Front & Back Side

This plugin enables designing cards from both sides. Your customers can design a flyer or business card from front as well as back side. They can easily save their designs, and continue editing while previewing the design in a small thumbnail.

Add Multiple Templates for Card Designing

You can provide a variety of templates to your customers by adding multiple templates as a product. Customers can choose the template they like and further design the template according to their requirements.

Enables Complete Designing Tool for Customers

Customers can design the card by adding text, images, and clip arts. They can also change the color, type, and size of the text.

Download the Image in High-Resolution

When customers place the order, you can download their designed image in high resolution. It extracts the image in PNG format.

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