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WooCommerce Composite Products Plugin Version 1.0.7

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Let Your Customers Create their Product with WooCommerce Composite Products Plugin!

Product customization gives your customers more personalized choices where they can build and configure a product with different layouts. WooCommerce composite product allows your customer to make products of their choice.

  • Customers can customize products
  • Offer discounts and mark mandatory purchases
  • Set minimum and maximum Quantity
  • Three different layouts to show components

What's included

  • Quality checked by Envato
  • Future updates


  • 6 months support from extendons

Details and Compatibility

Version:Version 1.0.7
Last update: Version History
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Powerful Features!

Your customer can now compose the product of their choice from different components with the WooCommerce Composite products Plugin. It applies to every product line i.e., bicycles, computers, furniture, etc. You can select products, tags, and even categories as components, as an admin. Besides, you can use various layouts and set their prices accordingly. You can limit the selected parts if you want.

WooCommerce Composite products plugin encourages customers to build products from different components available. Above all, you can offer enticing discounts to attract more customers. You can set some components as mandatory and others as optional; the choice is yours. You can charge for shipping based on a single unit or as a whole.

The option to add store items as components to make a whole product

The option to set a base price for all the components separately

Use three different layouts to display the components

Limit the quantity of a component that a customer can add

Mark the components mandatory and offer discounts

Charge per-item shipping fee or charge cumulative.

Give Your Customers a Personalized Choice to Increase Brand Loyalty!

Personalizing products isn’t just increasing sales, it also satisfies your customers, which increases brand loyalty in return. You can add WooCommerce Composite Product to your store where your customer can build a product from the component of their choice. If a customer wants specialized parts in their end product, they can have them.

Set a Base Price for Every Product Customization!

It's easier to calculate the primary price of the complete product by configuring the base price of every component used in the product.

Use Three Different Layouts to Display Components in Appealing Way!

WooCommerce Composite Product offers three different layouts. You can use any of these layouts shown to display your product attractively.

Show a different variety of Product components!

You can show a variety of layouts for every component. Suppose a computer is the end product, and you want to separate hard drives as one of its components. You can add hard drives from different companies and storage capacities.

Give Discounts on Different Components to attract customers!

The concept of DIY is appealing to customers these days. You can appreciate your customers for their unique choices and DIY ideas. Offer them discounts on different components. It will increase your revenues more than ever.

Add WooCommerce Composite Product Plugin & Sell more!

WooCommerce product composite will allow your customer to make products of their choice. This way, you can increase your revenues by offering personalized options to your customers.

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