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WooCommerce Composite Products Plugin Version 1.0.7

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Configurable product kits builder

Allow your customers to build and configure their own product with the Woocommerce composite product plugin. You can choose from 3 different layouts for the composite product configuration box to match your store design.

  • Customers can build products with your plugin
  • 3 different layouts to show components
  • Set minimum and maximum Quantity
  • Offer discounts and mark mandatory purchases

What's included

  • Quality checked by Envato
  • Future updates


  • 6 months support from extendons

Details and Compatibility

Version:Version 1.0.7
Last update: Version History
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Main Features

If your customers want to compose a product, using different components just according to their custom requirements, then all you have to do is to use the WooCommerce Composite Products plugin on your site. It applies to everything, from furniture to bicycles to computers, etc. As an admin, you can easily select products, tags and even categories as components. Not only this, but you can also use multiple layouts to show different parts of a product and then set their base price accordingly. If you want, you can limit the number of components selected by a customer.

This plugin can help you encourage people to make a product with the help of custom components. And on top of it all, you can give discounts too. All you have to do is to mark some components mandatory and then leave the rest ones as optional. The shipping fee can also be charged on the bases of an individual unit or as a whole.

The option to add store items as components to make a whole product

The option to set a base price for all the components separately

Use three different layouts to display the components

Limit the quantity of a component that a customer can add

Mark the components mandatory and offer discounts

Charge per-item shipping fee or charge cumulative.

Allow Customers to Compose Products on their own

A customer can quickly build a product of their choice using different components, and this is something only the WooCommerce composite products download plugin can allow. For example, if a customer wants, he can build a computer of his own (per their requirements) just by selecting different components with respect to the specifications they need.

Configure a Base Price for Each Product Composition

You can set a base price for each component. This can help you calculate the basic price of the complete product.

Try 3 Different Layouts to Show Components

There are three layouts offered by WooCommerce composite plugin, Simple, Accordion and Step; You can utilize any of these three layouts and put all the components on display in an appealing manner.

Display Product Variety of Each Component

For every component, you can display a variety of its layouts. For example, if the computer is the main product and if you want to keep the hard drive as one of its components, you can easily add a variety of hard drives concerning the company and storage.

Add Specific Products, Categories & Tags in Composite Product

With WooCommerce composite products plugin, you can select different products for your customers so that they can customize and create a whole new product for themselves. You have to choose a complete product line in this case and then limit it to a few categories and tags. For example, if you want to allow your customer to compose a bike for his kid with extra comfort and extra security, you can do that with the WooCommerce Composite products plugin.

Set a Minimum & Maximum Quantity for Each Component

Want to control what your customer selects? Just add a minimum or maximum quantity to each of your components so that a customer can build a product within a design frame.

Offer Discounts on Product Composition

To appreciate the customers for their choice and encourage the concept of “DIY”, the admin can offer discounts on each one of the components. This can do wonders to the revenue of your store.

Mark Some Components Mandatory to Purchase

If you want, you can mark some components mandatory. For example, when it comes to a computer, you can mark the motherboard, RAM and hard drive mandatory. On the other hand, you can keep the camera, speakers and other peripherals etc. optional.

Linking Certain Components With One Another

With WooCommerce composite plugin, you can make one component dependant on the other one. This will help you create links between different parts of a product.

Charge Component or Product-based Shipping Fee

It all depends on you and what you want. If you’re going to charge your customers component-wise, you can do that with WooCommerce composite products plugin. If not, and if you want to charge them product based shipping fee, then even that is possible. This way, you can at least configure the shipping charges as per the nature of the product.

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