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Custom Mix & Match Product Boxes & Bundles Version 1.2.5

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WooCommerce Custom Product Boxes Plugin, Add Assorted Bundles

Make it easy for customers to find and purchase the products they want. Offer a variety of ways for customers to customize their product boxes

  • Boost sales with custom product bundles
  • Create a variety of product boxes
  • Products can be displayed in boxes in a list or grid
  • You can set WooCommerce bundle prices as either fixed or dynamic

What's included

  • 1-year extension updates
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • 12 months of support from Extendons

Details and Compatibility

Version:Version 1.2.5
Last update:2023-08-11 Version History
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Main Features

Boost your online store revenue by encouraging potential customers to shop a variety of products in one order. Create product bundles with the WooCommerce Custom Product Boxes plugin. This tool allows you to create multiple boxes with dynamic pricing. You can set a fixed price for each bundle or base it on the products a user adds to the box. Easily add selected products or their variations to the box. Utilize multiple layouts for displaying the products included in the bundle. For customer convenience, you can pre-fill boxes completely or partially with popular products that people like to buy together.

Fixed or dynamic model of pricing

Partial or complete pre-fill product bundles

Add selected products and their variations

Custom message attachment with Gift box

Set min and max product quantity per bundle

Mobile responsive design and products list view.

Manage Numerous Custom Product Boxes

The WooCommerce Custom Product Boxes plugin allows you to create custom product bundles with a specific combination of products. This plugin helps you enable your customers to buy products in combination and in bulk.

Use Multiple Layouts for Product Display in Boxes

The WooCommerce Product Boxes plugin comes with two different layouts that you can use to display products in custom boxes. You can choose to display the products in a grid view or a list view.

Grid View Layout

WooCommerce mix and match enable you to display the product boxes in the Grid view. However, you can also manage to display or hide the product's short description by enabling a detailed or compressed view respectively.

List View Layout

The WooCommerce Mix and Match plugin allows you to display product boxes in a list view, with each product in its own row. You can also choose to display or hide the product's short description by enabling a detailed or compressed view.

Popup for a Quick Product View

To save customers' time, the Product Bundle for WooCommerce plugin displays a quick product view in a popup before adding it to a box or bundle. Customers can review the product's image, price, description, and quantity in the popup.

Set a Fixed or Dynamic price for Bundles

The WooCommerce Mix and Match plugin allows you to choose from a variety of pricing strategies for your product bundles. You can set a fixed price for each bundle, or you can calculate the price dynamically based on the products included in the bundle. Price types for bundles are

  • Fixed pricing
  • Per item cost with a base price
  • Per item cost without a base price

Include Selected Products With Variations

When creating custom bundles with the WooCommerce Product Boxes plugin, you can add products one by one to ensure that only the relevant items are combined. The plugin allows you to include simple products or products with variations.

Allow Checkout for Partially filled Custom Boxes

The WooCommerce Custom Product Boxes plugin allows you to sell product bundles that are partially filled with selected store items. If the bundle isn't full, customers can still check out without adding more products.

Create Pre-fill Custom Product Boxes

WooCommerce product boxes make it easier for customers to buy products that are frequently bought together, you can create pre-filled product boxes. Customers appreciate these ready-made boxes, as they can quickly purchase the products they need.

Add a Personal Message to Gift Box

Customers can add a personalized note to the WooCommerce bundle they have created to gift their loved ones. This is a great way to add a personal touch to the gift and to make it more meaningful.

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