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WooCommerce Hide Shipping Method for Product, Category & More Version 1.0.0

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WooCommerce Hide Shipping Method

Help your customers choose the right shipping method by creating rules to hide them from different products and categories.

  • Shipping classes
  • Multiple products, categories
  • Cart order weight & amount
  • User roles
  • Product SKU
  • Location

What's included

  • Quality checked by Envato
  • Future updates


  • 6 months of support from extendons

Details and Compatibility

Version:Version 1.0.0
Last update: Version History
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Main Features

WooCommerce hide shipping method plugin helps you provide a suitable shipping method to customers by creating rules to hide the irrelevant ones. The application allows you to set conditions for various factors. It includes shipping classes, products and products SKU, cart order weight and amount, location, and user roles. Use the filters in combination to draft an intriguing sales strategy for your multiregional store.

Mask irrelevant shipping methods to prevent wrong selection

Popup the right shipping method to ease shopping

Abide by the rules of your shipping partners

Create Hide Shipping Method Rules

WooCommerce disable shipping method plugin helps you create and manage rules to hide shipping methods. Use different filters as conditions to hide shipping methods that are not useful or appropriate for users.

Hide by Specific Shipping Classes

Shipping classes that are created by grouping products of similar type or nature can be used to hide shipping methods. For example, you can stop showing shipping options for all lightweight items.

Use Product SKU to conceal shipping

Avoid getting out of stock or prevent overselling by removing shipping methods from products having a specific SKU. Let the SKUs define to take or skip the order.

Apply on Multiple Products

You can apply the rule to multiple products and categories WooCommerce hide shipping method for category plugin. Choose products that are not ready to be shipped to a specific location or user. Hide shipping methods from a parent category and the child categories will follow it.

Restrict by Cart Order Weight & Amount

Control the display of shipping methods by the total weight and amount of the cart order. It helps you follow the pricing model recommended for each shipping option by the carrier.

Target specific User Roles

Stop specific users from using a shipping method with WooCommerce disable shipping method plugin. Let them utilize other options that may prove to be more helpful for the products they are about to order and the location they belong to.

Location-bound Shipping Methods

Limit shipping methods to selected locations. You can bind it by countries, regions, states, postal codes, etc.

Customer Reviews

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TMC-rasmus Customer

Jul 21, 2022

fast and good support, recommend

great customer support, perfect item just as required by a client, many thanks

wizardome Customer

Dec 25, 2021

Very quick support and plugin works well.

Outstanding support team, very quick response highly recommend.