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WooCommerce Lightspeed POS Integration Plugin Version 1.0.0

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Import Products & Categories in a Single Click with WooCommerce LightSpeed!

You can use LightSpeed WooCommerce to integrate your store with LightSpeed and import products and categories anytime you want.

  • Sync products & categories on both systems
  • Import products & categories from WooCommerce to LightSpeed

What's included

  • Quality checked by Envato
  • Future updates


  • 6 months of support from extendons

Details and Compatibility

Version:Version 1.0.0
Last update: Version History
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Powerful Features!

LightSpeed POS Integration plugin is an excellent tool to integrate a WooCommerce Store with LightSpeed. You can use it to bring products and categories from light speed to WooCommerce Store in a single click. You can manage our inventory easily as you can synchronize products on both LightSpeed & WooCommerce stores hassle-free.

Import products from Lightspeed to WooCommerce

Configuration of multiple stores

Here are some basic features of this plugin that can come in handy to you

Manage Your Inventory on Multiple Channels Easily!

You can use LightSpeed WooCommerce to manage and organize your inventory on different channels without hassle. This plugin will help you integrate both systems where you can handle products and categories on LightSpeed & your store.

Update Your Inventory Stock Automatically!

You can synchronize both platforms to manage and organize your inventory stock on both platforms. Ex. If someone places an order on your web store, your inventory will automatically update on LightSpeed.

Import Products & Categories between LightSpeed & WooCommerce!

lightspeed WooCommerce integration will help import products between both platforms, where you can import products from LightSpeed into your WooCommerce Store. On the other hand, you can import products and categories from WooCommerce to LightSpeed.

Configure Multiple Stores to LightSpeed!

WooCommerce LightSpeed POS integration can help you configure your LightSpeed with multiple stores at once. But keep in mind, that you can synchronize those stores with your LightSpeed, which has a “Primary Store” Label.

Add LightSpeed & Synchronize Your Store with LightSpeed!

Install WooCommerce LightSpeed POS in your store to manage your inventory across both WooCommerce & LightSpeed.

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