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WooCommerce Load More Products Plugin - Infinite Scrolling Version 1.0.3

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Display More Products with Infinite Scroll

Engage customers by displaying more products in an interactive way with three different types of buttons including infinite scroll, load more, and pagination buttons.

  • 3 Different Ways to Load More Products
  • 3 Configure Load more and Show Less Buttons

What's included

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Details and Compatibility

Version:Version 1.0.3
Last update: Version History
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Main Features

With the WooCommerce Load More Products plugin, you can engage your store's visitors by presenting more products in three different and dynamic ways. Infinite scroll, load more button, and pagination are the three methods for loading more products. With infinite scroll, you can reveal products to users as they scroll down the shop page without asking or waiting. The Ajax-based faster product presentation keeps consumers engaged in exploring your business in the same manner that Facebook and other social networks do.

Customizable Load More Button.

Ajax-Based Fast Loading.

Multiple Animations for Laod More Button.

Display a Customizable Load More Button

On the shop page, add a customizable "Load More" button to allow visitors to view more products if they wish. Animate the button so that it only loads a certain number of products. Make a custom loading image and enable it.

Ajax-Based Fast Loading

WooCommerce load more plugin encourage consumers to keep scrolling down the shop page, and additional products will show automatically when they do so. The Ajax-based method ensures that products load quickly and efficiently when scrolling. It increases user engagement, lowers bounce rates, and increases conversions.

Load More Products on Shop Page

Load more products for WooCommerce plugin make it easy for visitors to find a product on multiple pages by using the pagination option. Your customers may quickly navigate between pages by clicking the page numbers at the bottom of the shop page, and they can also bookmark them for later use.

Include a Show Less Button

WooCommerce Load More Products Plugin enable a Show Less button to allow visitors to see only the products they're interested in while hiding the rest. Text, background color, mouse hover color, border color, and various additional settings can be changed to customize the Show Less button.

Various Animations for Load More Button

To make the product display more attention-grabbing, use the Load button to animate it. Use any of the animation types listed below.

  • Bounce
  • Shake
  • Fade-In
  • Slide-In

Utilize Shortcodes to Apply Load More Products

The WooCommerce Load More Products Plugin generates a shortcode that you can place on any Shop page or category to enable loading more products.

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