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WooCommerce Measurement Price Calculator Version 2.1.5

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Calculate Product price by its Measuring Unit

This plugin allows you to take per unit price from the customer and calculate product price based on its measuring units such as volume, area, or weight.

  • Auto-calculate product price by its measuring units
  • Set measuring units for a product in weight, area, volume or dimensions
  • Create pricing tables for costing difference ranges of units
  • Add product variations

What's included

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  • 6 months of support from extendons

Details and Compatibility

Version:Version 2.1.5
Last update:2023-09-06 Version History
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Main Features

The WooCommerce measurement price calculator plugin allows you to automate product pricing by its measuring units. It empowers you to sell products by volume, area, weight, and dimensions.
Once you specify a measuring unit for a product and the price per unit, the plugin automatically calculates the total amount a user has to pay. Moreover, you can also create a pricing table for each product that specifies the price per unit and a discounted price for a specific range of units.

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Define a minimum product price per unit

Add measurement units like meter, foot, sq yard, kg, etc.

Adds Pricing Calculator to Product Pages

The WooCommerce price calculator plugin allows you to integrate a pricing calculator for your products. You can apply this feature to all your products or select specific ones. The plugin automatically calculates and presents the price after customers indicate the quantity of products they want.

Product Pricing by Length

Sell single-dimensional items like fabrics, cables, ropes, and pipes, allowing customers to select their preferred unit of measurement, whether it's meters, yards, feet, inches, or more. Just set the measurement unit and price per unit, and let the WooCommerce price calculator handle the rest.

Sell Products By Weight

With the WooCommerce price calculator, you can sell products based on their weight. For instance, you can offer rice in kilograms (KG), gold in ounces (OZ), cakes in pounds (lbs), and so on. This plugin supports a wide range of units for selling products by weight, including KG, lb, g, mg, t, and oz.

Set Product Pricing by Area

The WooCommerce price calculator plugin offers the flexibility to sell products based on their area, whether it's land in square meters (sq.m), room wallpapers in square feet (sq. ft), fabrics in square yards (sq. yd), and more. You have a variety of units to choose from when selling products by area, including square millimeters, centimeters, meters, and many more.
Besides, you can also collect area measurements from customers in single dimensions (e.g., sq. ft) or double dimensions (Length x Width) as needed.

Product Pricing by Volume

The WooCommerce measurement price calculator plugin extends your e-store's capabilities by allowing you to sell products based on volume. For instance, you can offer petrol in liters, garden mulch in cubic yards (cu. yd), diesel by the gallon, and more. This plugin provides a diverse range of unit options for selling products by volume, including milliliters (ml), liters (l), cubic meters (cu. m), cups, pints (pt), quarts (qt), gallons (gal), fluid ounces (fl. oz), cubic inches (cu. in), cubic feet (cu. ft), and cubic yards (cu. yd).

Product Pricing by Box

The WooCommerce price calculator plugin establishes product pricing based on boxes, allowing you to sell items like a box of tiles on your e-store.
You can define the total area covered by each box. When customers specify the length and width they require, the plugin automatically calculates and displays the price and the number of boxes needed on the product page.

Supports Product Variations

The WooCommerce price calculator seamlessly integrates with product variations, including tiles in various colors. You can establish distinct prices for each product variation, and the plugin will dynamically display the corresponding price for customers based on their selection.

Displays Pricing Table in a Separate Tab

The WooCommerce measurement price calculator plugin includes a feature that presents a pricing table within a separate tab on product pages. This table shows the price per unit and any applicable sale prices for various measurement ranges.
For example, if rice is $100/kg, a customer purchasing between 5-10 kilograms will receive a $10 discount per kilogram. You can create these measurement price ranges for any product directly from the admin panel.

Customer Reviews

3 Reviews


May 09, 2022

I purchased this plugin and I have to say the customer service is very good.

I had many issues in the beginning but they solved them very fast and with great patience. I will recommend it. Thanks.


May 09, 2022

The plugin is doing what it claim.

Thx for the excellent support. Issues with beaver builder Compatability + translation don as requested. Very fast reaction time and support on a plugin that is well worth its money


May 09, 2022

This plugin was an extreme help for me

It handles so many different situations allowing me to implement every use case I had imagined and with a not too difficult configuration, compared to the complex situations it handles