WooCommerce Photography Plugin - Sell Photos Online


Main Features

If you are a photographer who wants to display his best photographs and sell them online, then the WooCommerce Photography Plugin is what you need to try. With this plugin, you can manage and organize your day to day photos easily and you can even upload them as artwork generate an income out of it. This WooCommerce plugin allows the users to upload multiple photos, create albums, and set a global price for all those photos.The user will have complete liberty to upload photos and make a parent category out of them. Not only this, the user will also be able to control the visibility of his artwork and make it private or make it visible to the general public.

Uploading Multiple Photos at a Time

Set a Global Price for all the Photos

Setting Privacy on your Photos

Create Categories

A Plugin for Selling Photos Online

If you own a WooCommerce store and want to sell your photographs/artwork, then WooCommerce photography plugin is what you need to go for. It is easy to use and clutter free so you don’t have to go with unnecessary stages when uploading or selling a photo.

3 Different Layouts to Display Photos

List, gallery or grid view, you can choose any of these layout options to upload your photographs on the website.

List View

This option displays all the images in a list.

Grid View

Enable grid view to display your images in a grid view style.

Gallery View

Enable this options to display all the images in a gallery style.

Add Collection of Images

WooCommerce photography extension allows the users to upload a collection of photos and make a parent category out of them.

Upload Images in Bulk & Set Global Price

The most important benefit of using this plugin is the bulk upload option. You can upload multiple images at the same time and save them individually with whatever descriptions you want. As said earlier, with the WooCommerce photography plugin, you can set a global price for all your images or set a different price for each one.

Make Collection Public or Private

Whether you want to make your collection private or public, with WooCommerce photography plugin you can do anything.

Assign Collection to Specific Customers

If you want to assign your collection and make it available for some specific customers, you can do that too. When you do that, the customer you assigned the collection to can easily see your photos and buy them.

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