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WooCommerce Product Bundles Plugin with Bulk Discounts Version 1.1.3

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Elevate Your Store’s Revenues with WooCommerce Product Bundles!

WooCommerce Product Bundles allow you to sell your products in bulk where you can enjoy a huge profit margin. You can use this plugin to sell variable, simple, or digital products in bundles. You can also enable fix and product-based pricing.

  • Product bundles will increase your sales
  • You can create a simple & variable product bundle
  • Set a quantity for each bundled item

What's included

  • Quality checked by Envato
  • Future updates


  • 6 months support from extendons

Details and Compatibility

Version:Version 1.1.3
Last update:2021-10-07 Version History
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Powerful Features

WooCommerce Product Bundles Plugin helps you sell products in bundles, which ultimately elevates your store revenues. You can use product bundles to create a set of physical and downloadable products that will attract your customers to buy more from you. You can add simple or variable products to the bundles. Set the prices as fixed or product-based and mark the bundles as optional to buy. Furthermore, you can also set the quantity of each product in a bundle.

Download WooCommerce Product Bundles Plugin

Bundle up Physical or Downloadable Products

Configure Fixed or Product Based Bundle Pricing

Show or Hide a Product in Bundle

Mark the Product Purchase Optional in a Bundle

Shipping Support Included

Sell More with Attractive Product Bundles!

You can use the WooCommerce Bundle plugin to create bundles of various products in your store to increase the overall sales of your business. You can create special offers to attract your customers. This way, you can increase your sales without putting extra money and effort into your marketing to gain more customers.

Sell Physical or Downloadable Products in Bundles!

You can sell physical or downloadable products in your store with the WooCommerce bundle products plugin to help your customers buy most of the products in a single transaction. You can combine both physical and downloadable products at once. For example, you can sell eBooks with a pack of shirts.

Showcase Bundles of Simple & Variable Products on Your Store!

You can showcase a product with its style, design, and color and exhibit it with a simple deal using the WooCommerce bundle discount Plugin. You have the freedom to sell products to fulfill your customers’ requirements.

Add the Products & Let the Plugin Calculate the Price!

You can set the price of a product as fixed or you can use the plugin to calculate your product according to the product you add. You can offer discounts on bundles. It will attract your customers to buy more. Whereas you can use the product-based prices to increase the store revenues.

Give Options in Purchasing items in Bundles!

Normally, customers must buy items in bundles even if there are items that don’t match the customer’s interest. WooCommerce Product Bundles allow your customer's purchase items of their choice. Let your customers decide which product to choose or not.

Install WooCommerce Product Bundles on Your Store to Increase Your Store’s Revenues!

Selling products in bundles increases your revenues with more sales plus saves you money in shipping. Add the WooCommerce Product Bundles plugin & elevate your revenues more than ever.

Customer Reviews

3 Reviews


May 09, 2022

I am absolutely satisfied with the support received.

They were able to solve compatibility problems between the theme I use and their plugin, increasing its performance and making it unique in its kind. Functional, fast, recommended!


May 09, 2022

Plugin is working absolutely fine.

When i installed the plugin i had problem with regarding to variation bundle. Support came to my rescue and fix it ASAP. Plugin is now working great for my requirements. Thank you.


May 09, 2022

Great support.

I had a jquery issue in WooCommerce product list. The problems were fixed in less than 3 hours.