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WooCommerce Product Description Plugin - Show on Shop Page Version 1.0.4

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Create Enticing Product Descriptions with WooCommerce Product Description Plugin to Land More SALES!

You convince your customers creatively and engagingly about how your product brings positive change in their lives. WooCommerce Product Description plugin helps you create product descriptions for your products.

  • Show Short descriptions of products and category
  • Set character limits for descriptions

What's included

  • Quality checked by Envato
  • Future updates


  • 6 months of support from extendons

Details and Compatibility

Version:Version 1.0.4
Last update: Version History
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Powerful Features!

Product Description is the most important aspect of converting more visitors into customers. Therefore, the WooCommerce Product Description plugin helps create short and enticing descriptions for your product, categories, and shops. You can set the limit of the character where you can bound the writer to deliver product details in the few words possible. Moreover, you can also customize your description with the editor. The store owner can show the words in Bold, Underline, or Italic to bring your customer's focus to specific terms. You can also change the color and alignment of the text to make it more attractive to your customers.

Display Short Product Description on Shop, Category & Tag Pages

Choose Text Color & Alignment,

Multiple Animations for Load More Button.

Write Concise Product Descriptions & Increase Your conversions!

WooCommerce product short description helps you show concise product descriptions below the product name in your shop. You can write attractive copy to convert more visitors into customers.

Sell More Concise & Sales Descriptions on Category Pages!

Product description WooCommerce uses shortcodes to help you write concise descriptions for categories in your shop. You can use Sales words to sell more products.

Show Short Descriptions on Tag Pages!

You can write and show short descriptions of your product on tag pages with the help of the WooCommerce Product Description plugin.

Customize Your Text with Enhanced Text Editor & Make it Attractive!

The enhanced text editor will help you change the text styles i.e., BOLD, Italic, Underline, & anchor it to bring your customer’s attention to useful terms. These terms act essential in getting more sales.

Limit the Description to a Few Words!

The online audience doesn’t have much time to read lengthy descriptions. Therefore, you can use the WooCommerce Product Description app to limit the number of characters to explain your product to your potential customers in a few words.

AddProduct Description App to your Store to Increase your Conversions!

Short & salesy descriptions bring more sales. You can add the WooCommerce Product Description plugin to your store and increase sales with short and attractive descriptions.

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