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WooCommerce Product Feed Pro Plugin - Google, Facebook & More Version 1.2.1

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Product Feed Pro Plugin

Generate product feed for Google, Facebook & Bing with WooCommerce Product feed Pro. This plugin also enables you to keep your product feed upto date with Cron Job.

  • Generate Product Feeds for Google Shopping
  • Exhibit Catalog Feed on Facebook and Bing
  • Generate Product Feeds for Google Promotions, DRM, DSA, Local Products & Inventory
  • Create Feed in XML, CSV, TXT, & TSV

What's included

  • Quality checked by Envato
  • Future updates


  • 6 months support from extendons

Details and Compatibility

Version:Version 1.2.1
Last update: Version History
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Main Features

Generate product feed to include your store items in popular shopping centers i.e. Google, Facebook and Bing using WooCommerce Product Feed Pro plugin. It allows you to produce multiple catalog feeds for Google such as Google Shopping, Promotions, Dynamic Re-Marketing, Dynamic Search Ads, and Facebook Advertisements. The plugin helps you generate product feed in four different file formats that include CSV, XML, TXT, and TSV. Easily manage and update feeds for all platforms with Cron jobs.

Download WooCommerce Product Feed Pro Plugin

Add variable Products to Feed

Enable Cron Job for updating product feeds

Generate Google Shopping Feed

Start generating catalog feed of your eCommerce website to make them appear in Google Shopping. With a quick file update to your Google Merchants Center account, you can display your store items in the Google shopping center.

Create Product Feed for Facebook Ads

You can create a product feed for Facebook that will highlight your store items in a fascinating carousel of the Facebook advertisement campaigns you run.

Maximize Store Exposure with Bing Feed

With the help of WooCommerce product feed pro plugin, you can produce a feed of store items to appear in the Bing Product search as well. Gain prominence by reaching out to your potential customers using the Bing search engine.

Submit Product Data to Google Merchant Promotions

Use the plugin to submit product data of your eCommerce website to Google Merchant Promotions. WooCommerce product feed plugin helps you easily generate a feed for Google to quickly distribute and display it to buyers.

Add Product Feed to Google Dynamic Re-Marketing

You can generate a product feed along with attributes, and submit it to Google Dynamic Re-Marketing (DRM) that displays relevant and important information in ads to the returning visitors.

Create Product Feed for Google Dynamic Search Ads

Submit your product feed to Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) to display the entire catalog or a part of it in advertising campaigns.

Generate Google Local Products Feed

You can generate local products feed with the help of WooCommerce product feed plugin that includes all the products on your store along with their attributes and key features.

Manage Google Local Product Inventory Feed

By utilizing WooCommerce product feed pro plugin, you can generate and manage local product inventory feed either daily, weekly, or monthly to make sure the product availability is accurately displayed in multiple stores.

Create Feeds in 4 Different File Formats

You can have the freedom of generating feeds in four different file formats such as XML, CSV, TXT, and TSV. Create a feed in a format that is most suitable for the platform you intend to submit.

Schedule Cron Job to Update Products Automatically

You can also schedule Cron Job on hourly, daily or twice a day to update products feed automatically.

Customer Reviews

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May 10, 2022

Would like to thank the team at Extendons for their assistance,

I bought the plugin and had some issues and the team resolved issues swiftly, good plugin, great support. :)