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WooCommerce Product Image Watermark Plugin Version 1.1.0

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Protect Your Image with WooCommerce Watermark Plugin to Keep your Brand Safe!

You can use WooCommerce Watermark Plugin to protect your images from stealing. You can use the plugin to watermark any product category or the entire store.

  • Adjust font color, size, opacity, margins
  • Set rules for products or categories

What's included

  • Quality checked by Envato
  • Future updates


  • 6 months support from extendons

Details and Compatibility

Version:Version 1.1.0
Last update: Version History
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Powerful Features!

WooCommerce Watermark plugin allows you to protect your images from stealing away through text or image watermarks. You can set rules from the backend to place watermarks automatically on your products, categories, or entire shop. You can add a watermark to catalog thumbnails, product pictures, small thumbnails, and product popups. It provides customization where you can change the margin, font, opacity, and nine different positions to place your watermark on the products.

Download WooCommerce Watermark Plugin

Add text or image watermark on your images

9 different places to add watermark

Create Rules to Watermark Images & Prevent Web Scraping!

You can set many rules to watermark your products with the watermark WooCommerce plugin to avoid web scrapers stealing your images.

Paste Watermarks Text on Your Products to Protect Your Online Assets!

You can write custom text and place it on the images of your products. You can customize the text by changing the font size, style, text angles, and opacity of the text with WooCommerce Watermark.

Paste Image Watermark for Brand Consistency!

You can use WooCommerce Watermark to place different images as a watermark on shop thumbnails, shop catalogs, and other images. It provides brand consistency and clarity so the online audience can view the pictures, not share them.

Customize Watermark for your Needs!

The WooCommerce product image watermark plugin helps you to customize each watermark. You can use the plugin to change the position, repeat, angle, opacity, etc., of the watermark on your image.

Add Watermark to a Product, Category, or an Entire Shop!

You can use the WooCommerce image watermark plugin to apply the watermark to a single product, category, or even an entire shop. You can use watermarks to protect images and ready to reuse, repurpose, distribute and update.

Install WooCommerce Watermark & Protect your Online Assets!

Add the WooCommerce Watermark plugin to your store to increase the protection of your product images by preventing them from web scrapers.

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