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WooCommerce Product Quick View Plugin Version 1.0.0

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Product quick view lightbox popup

Improve customers’ shopping experience by adding a quick view button on the shop page. This plugin allows users to see a lightbox popup of the product to view details and add to cart while staying on the shop page.

  • Enable product quick view on shop page
  • Display product details in quick view
  • Next/previous product button on popup

What's included

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  • Future updates


  • 6 months support from extendons

Details and Compatibility

Version:Version 1.0.0
Last update: Version History
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Main Features

Add a quick view option to facilitate customers in reviewing a product at a glance rather than visiting its landing page. With WooCommerce Quick View plugin, you can improve the user experience of the product pages and pursue a higher conversion rate. The quick view popup endorses product price, images, and description. They can view the product in detail if they wish so, or quickly add it to the cart. With previous and next buttons, they can browse more store items as well in the popup.

Set position of quick view button

Enable product details button

Customize quick view & view detail button

Add Product Quick View to Shop and Catalog Pages

Help your customers quickly view a product from the shop or catalog pages. With WooCommerce Product Quick view plugin, your potential customers can take a brief overview of multiple products while staying on the category or shop page.

Display Product Details on the Quick View Popup

You can add extensive product details to the quick view box that eliminates the need for customers to visit the landing page. WooCommerce product view plugin display a significant amount of information to gain more conversions.

Set Position and Customize the Quick View button

You can select a position for the quick view button. It can be on the product image or in a row with the ‘Add to Cart’ button. Personalize the button with title, color, and background as well.

Enable Previous/Next buttons on Quick View Popup

Put navigational aid on the quick view popup in the form of previous and next buttons. WooCommerce quick view plugin helps your customers in switching between the previous and next products. Assist your customers in browsing more of your store items with simple arrow buttons.

Enable ‘View Product Details’ option

The quick view popup carries all the basic information. You can add the ‘View Product Details’ option to facilitate your potential customers can get the broader view of the product and read the product description in details.

Customers can add Products to Cart from Quick View

You can permit the users to add products to cart right from the quick view popup. They save their time in quickly reviewing the product and proceeding with the purchases. WooCommerce product quick view plugin allow them to let them move with swift purchases.

Personalize Quick View Buttons

You can personalize the ‘quick view’ as well as the ‘view product details’ buttons. Try changing the text with a custom color, and choose a background color as well.

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