WooCommerce Request a Quote Plugin - Ask for Quotation


Main Features

Add quote request form on products and catalog to help potential customers ask price or a question with ease. WooCommerce request a quote plugin helps you replace ‘Add to cart’ by ‘Add to Quote’ option for improved user interaction. The users can submit a request for price estimate through a simple and easy to use form. Allow the guest users as well to ask prices without registering for an account. You can manage all quote requests from a central admin panel. Configure auto-replies for quote requests, and personalize the ‘Add to quote’ button text and success message.

Allow Users to Request for Quote on Products, Catalog

Display ‘Add to quote’ in place of ‘Add to Cart’

A simple request form appears in popup

Permit Guest Users to submit quote request

Personalize Add to quote button and success message

Configure auto replies to user cost enquiries

View, reply, delete quote requests

Replace ‘Add to Cart’ with ‘Add to Quote’ on Products, Catalog

Show an ‘Add to Quote’ option on product pages as well as the catalog to let your customers ask quickly for a price estimate. WooCommerce request a quote plugin let your potential customers reach out to your sales and support team to get a fair idea about the purchases they are interested in.

A Soft Popup for Quote Request Acquires Information

A simple and easy form appears in a soft popup as soon as a customer intends to submit a quote request. They can submit their name and contact details, and a brief overview of their custom requirements.

Accept Quote Requests from Guest Users too

In addition to the registered users submitting a quote request, WooCommerce quote plugin can also allow the guest users to a question or price estimate about a product.

Add Custom text to ‘Add to quote’ and Success Message

WooCommerce quote plugin enables you to personalize the text on ‘Add to quote’ button and compose a more intriguing message for showing successful submission of quote request.

Automate Replies for Quote Requests

You can automate quote request replies by adding an email address, subject, and a custom message. Send an auto-reply to your potential customers when you or the staff are away or unable to serve a suitable price estimate.

Manage All Quote Requests in One Menu

WooCommerce Request a quote plugin collects user submissions and displays them in one menu to make it easier for you to view, reply, or delete them a price inquiry.

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